Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Person Responsible for Penilaian Tahap Satu (PTS)

Do you remember PTS?
Penilaian Tahap Satu.
A level one test to evaluate year 3 student whether they are bright enough to attend year 5 and skip year 4.
Im pretty sure late 80's kids will remember it.
That Exam exist from 1996 to 2000.
Ruining every 1986-1990 born childhood.
In fact, that occur during the golden era of dragonball and sailormoon!
At age 9,children are put under high pressure to pass the exam.

"PTS saves one year of your life, you can graduate with phD in
 picotechnology at the age of 20"- a concern parent

Guess who's the culprit behind the exam?
Ministry of Education 1995/96

But who exactly is THAT ministry of Education?

Ministry of education 1995-1999
Destroyer of `86-`90's Childhood

Luckily the next ministry of education has some sense of logic and revoke it
Thank you Musa Muhamed for not inflicting the pain onto the next generation. D:

Menteri yang memperkenalkan ujian penilaian tahap satu (PTS)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Scam: Fool's gold. part 2

Suddenly, the British girl can talk in Bahasa.

Internet and Non Internet Friends

Read a blogpost "Internet Science Field Report: Kony Ruins Friendships on Know your meme and it has so much sense in it.

Below is an excerpt from it :

My Facebook friends can be divided into two groups: Internet and Non Internet. Internet friends are not necessarily people I have met via the internet, but rather people who work on the internet or engage in a more than casual relationship with internet culture. They understand that in some cases, a Hitler joke might be funny, and are able to spot a troll a mile away. By comparison, my Non Internet friends are normal people with day jobs who don’t know what Goatse is. They’ve probably never argued with someone about how to pronounce “GIF.”

My internet friends rarely, if ever, post anything internet culture-related on Facebook. No macros, no iterations, rarely a cute picture of a cat (unless it’s their own). More and more, however, my Non Internet friends are posting bits and pieces of internet culture, sometimes bits they’ve made themselves. Which is actually very exciting. For real. Kudos to them! I think it’s great to make something. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I honestly believe UGC is the key to a better future. In this case of Facebook, it’s also really interesting. Interesting not only as a sign of internet and mainstream culture canoodling, but also as a possible cause for a growing internet culture over saturation, experienced by those who don’t want to consume funny pictures of cats every time they log into to see what their pals are up to.

Facebook: A Website For Complaining About Facebook

My theory is that my Internet Friends don’t post meme iterations on Facebook because it is simply not great at media sharing. There are other locations like Know Your Meme, Twitter and 4chan that are much better suited. Those Non Internet folks, though, they don’t have another outlet to share their media. Forums are terrifying, comment threads are where weirdos and deviants hang out, and WTF is a Reddit? And really, for the most part, they’re right, and so … off to Facebook it is.

The thing, though, is that we don’t all really have an agreed upon use of Facebook. Some people use it for self promotion, some people use it for conversation, some for messaging and some, yes, for media sharing. But we ALL use it; in that way Facebook has become kind of like email. It is the lowest common denominator of online public, peer interactions. It’s a thing you just … do. It’s a reflex. So when someones ideal use of FB doesn’t match up with yours, it gets a little complicated. You don’t have the Twitter-style escape hatch of a non-reciprocal follow relationship. You either hide them (which then raises the complicated social question of why you friended them in the first place) or if you want to make a point, you ruthlessly un-friend them.

Even though  the blogpost tl;dr, but there's too much win in it.
I do have internet friends and Non Internet friends on facebook
And most of the Non Internet friends consist of idiotic people.
Updating dumb bitch poses
and spamming 9gag repost as if they even know what memes are really is.

9gag WAS ok before it was infected by these Non internet a.k.a 9fag
9fag are THE worst!! A cancerous pandemic of fags.
and so as translated memes.

Id rather have debates  then seeing "OMG! My beybeiii bg iph0n3 4z!!! luv ew!! Muaxx!!" updates.
Follow me and i will follow u!
Like me and ill like ur ass too!

p/s: ive never agreed on Konydog2012

Enjoy him wiggle wiggle yeah!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Scam: Fool's gold

Im going to tell about a guy name Pak Kadok
Brief story about himself: A married man who wanted to start a business but doesn't have a single clue about it. And to make thing worst, he is stubborn, stupid and ignorant. PLus lurus bendollll

A few days ago.
He called me and asked for my home address.
I was like.. What? don't you have a home back in Melaka? What are you going to do with my house?
So I handed the phone to my mum and let her do the talking.

Blackberry Bold 100, hottest phone on the market

At first, he said he brought a blackberry online from London and doesn't want his wife to know about it.
Then he twist the story and told that his boss is sending a it.
Finally, he admit that he was doing a business venture with OT Telecommunication and they wanted to send the Blackberry as a token of partnership.
Knowing that he was a fool  trap in a phishing scam scheme, my mum gave him my email instead.

seems legit :O
I cant believe there are still people out there too dumb to be fooled by this stupid scam!
I called him back and scold him.
  1. OT Telecommunication doesnt exist! infact they even misspell their own name "Telecomunication"
  2. In business deal you
    1. DONT Flirt with your business partner (unless you're working in a hooker based work)
    2. At least reveal your name, position in the end of the email
    3. Don't Simply give out gift
    4. Build business bond over alot of emails & strengthen it via diplomatic visit
    5. Don't need to hide it from your wife. Especially if your wife is an excellent businesswomen.
  3. He have an very ekselent engrish gwammer.
  4. How can they contact him and do such a major international business deal when he owns a very small enterprise without even owning a company website! 
  5. Rule internet no29: all girls on the internet are men
He finally believed me ...
 Later that night, he texted me,
OMG!! he still fucking believe it!
Who the fuck would even give out $80000 British pound easily?
The only person I believe would do it is Prince of Nigeria!

He forwarded me his email
From business to scandal :O

OMG! WTF is wrong with his brain!!!
He already gave the phishing group his address ( i bet it was someone else's)
There is no such thing as sending 80000 cash via courier!
It's call smuggling!
Bank can handle transfer, and it is called wire transfer!
You also have Paypal, escrow or even the no1 money transfer preferred by scammer Western Union.
Sending laptop and Gold watch via some shady Sendai courier?
If it true, those item would be stolen before it even reach Amsterdam!
Pictures? LuLZ
Im pretty sure you can send it over via email.

Such a shady website. pffftt

He say it's true! the website is true!! LEgit!
I pointed him out that
1) fake address

Fourth Avenue,
Westfield Industrial Estate
, <<<<<< is in Glasgow!! !
Midsom Norton,Radstock, Avon <<<<< This is a village!!! Situated far from any Ship port or even Airport!
D50F 4EX
United Kingdom

3) Sendai is one of the common name used in scamming!
3) European country WONT use an ASIAN name for company
4)The only reliable courier to send expensive items are UPS or FEDEX !
Once again.. i hope this would really make him realize..

He called me the next2 day (16/3/2010),
He sound freaking happy.
he said the item had arrived in KLIA
and the customs called him to pay the clearance money
 They wanted him to bank in RM3600 to a CIMB bank account. [please make facepalm here].

I told him the scam sequence:
1) a Meleis Customs will call. ( some stupid fucking Meleis bitch berkomplot with thick dick negros)
2) ask to bank in money clearance
3) banked in RM3600
4) Customs will call again saying it isnt enough
5) bank in again
6) repeat step 1 to 5 till you finally knock some sense into your brain.

He once again realized he was scammed.
I advise him to go to the police.
He was this close into capturing these culprit.
He even ask me, would he be rewarded by the cops. (... money minded adoiii)

Then he ask, what if it was true!!!! [please make an epic facepalm here]
He said it is a lot of cash there.
The custom call him several time and told him they are scared of detaining a lot of money.
Pak Kadok told me he would give me and my siblings RM10000 each. thanks
I said, if it was true, i would made him a website for his company for free.
but if he is scammed, I am going to tell everyone about this!

Later that after noon. He send me a text message
 Lizabeth Leigh Crowford
Cimb bank 14670003031524 scam

Lulz! I dont even see Customs there!
From what ive deal with before, the courier service, would call, email/fax customs details to us.
And they ask us to pay them via cheque. picked up upon delivery.

Even the name is fake!!!!!
BEnjamin franklin?!!!! President of USA?!

He even owns a phone number!!! 0166403342 016 6403342

Pak kadok tried to convince me and gave me the tracking number
NO i Wont help!
That was final.

Fuck this shit!

He emailed me full of scarscm.

I doubt he would giveup
80000 pound bro!

Today, i heard he ask money from other. =O

p/s: The only reason i keep on going through all this hassle is that i pity his wife. She is the main breadwinner of the family.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Mona fendy

I feel the chill after reading a post on lowyat
the TS post the whole court dialog there.
One of the most interesting part about Mona fendy is..

1) She was a singer!

2) The urban legend of Mona Fendy once lived in USJ was true!! (USJ2 to be precise)
3)She's stylo

4) The movie Dukun based on this case is banned

6)Full documentary covered by astro.

7)She watch you pee

Credit: Khalpower

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Some letters

In response to my older post Email. Sms. and. the. Novelty. Handwritten. Letter...

These are some of the letters that ive collected throughout 2001-2008
Yunaku3 the untouchable child lol!!!

MTG theme card!! used to have a "Glacial wall" 0/7 blue creature attach to it. But ive already use it in my MTG deck. lost contact with this guy[from mohd noor]
I dont even know who is that girl!!! D:
given by my classmate  dzul redza
Among the last letter that i ever receive. This letter is from my ex-class vice president.
I lost contact with her [from fadzliana]
this one is from my roomate. Fatien!! she's now in Indonesia doin her medic. :(
I LOL'ed when i first read this letter. hahahaa! it is super rare for someone to send a birthday card in jawi!!
[from shidi ex5al-maari]
From my Ragnarok online 2003 friend Mc_leo.
we lost contact 

hahahahhahaha this one is another letter from my ragnarok friend! LOL
despite 2003 was an era of Friendster, we still contact each other via letter before lost contact

Monday, March 12, 2012

Life Summary

Been missing again for 2 weeks.
Life getting tough.
So this is a summary of what ive done.

Dealing with alot of people.
Finally,completed my project!!
As a reward for myself, I installed a 32' Panasonic TV in my own room.
At least my mum wont argue with me over it.

Finally I can play it!

Accidentally, corrupted my ff13 save file. :(
So skip to ff13-2.
FULL OF AWESOMENESS!! Im dead serious!
Brought FF13-2 guide book and had read it through and through.

Finished reading The Dead just to know it was actually the second book in the series D:
Highly recommen reading these book!
Satisfaction guaranteed! 

Touchscreen bro

Found this ancient PDA in my old box.
I used it back in 2002.
It is the precursor to all smartphone and tablet of today!
Felt proud of owning it.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Proverb of the month (LOL)

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer

Too much truth in that proverb.
As long as you work under someone...
No matter how hard you work, you will always be poor.
Unless you have the will to venture into business.

Update (4/3/2012) pic:

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I taught of posting a Lynas post. After weeks of studying, I cant stop myself from researching more. Currently, I'm deeply immersed myself  around paid journal on rare earth, economic wars, goldrush and other related materials..  D:

Neway, I hate politic. This video is a great explanation of our current voting situation.

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