Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Majority Muslims reaction on defaming Holy Prophet

credit:facebook.lost the link
Riots and killing are not the answer.
 So as rages and crap post on facebook too!
Lagi-lagi rage post dalam bahasa Malaysia, you're doing it wrong!
They have just made Islam look bad by becoming the ultimate proof of how correctly we are with the trailer
(btw: I've haven't watch it coz i dont feel like watching it)
Muslim has decended to a stereotypical muslim mob depicted by all other people in the world.

The violence and hate are not only fuel by religious hatred, high level amount of ignorance & proper education has blinded them from learning from the past. 
Better watch this VC and learn.

There's nothing wrong for voicing out outrage against blasphemy against the religion. The problem rise when hordes of people come like some medieval villagers killing and burning things on sight.

This is an example of a peaceful protest that most probably wont be heard about from one of the most unexpected place in the world: Kabul Afghanistan
sos: reddit

Afghans stage peaceful protest against... by reuters

Even though they chant "death to France, death to America". but at least no blood was shed or property is damaged. LOL

Think rationally before reacting.
Islam is a religion of peace. Not religion of sociopath.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SCAMMER 0358855100 that never quits

Last year, ive posted a blogpost regarding to this number 0358855100.

I thought they would never gonna contact me again  ever since I turn down their offer but NO!
on 29/8, they call me again offering the same shitty thing.

"Congrats! you're a selected maybank user who is eligible of insurans cover upto $700000"

WTF are you calling me at 7.10pm?!
Ive always got legit-bank-representative-cheque-clearance call during working hours on working days.
NOT at night!

I was busy driving my sis back home at the moment, so i ask him (this time is a HE) to call me back tomorrow but he never called back :(

These scammer got their script from maybank website. Exaggerating crap and stuff from the website.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

9GAG "Repost Machine" Explained

took this off from reddit 4chan subforum: http://www.reddit.com/r/4chan/comments/zacju/9gag_repost_machine_explained/
Uploading it here so that the post will never get lost on the internet

p/s: Im too busy with work! FML!
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