Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i Do want... to.. make.. a ...Machinima!!

for the past few month..
ive been going Gaga over machinima!~
Especially WoW machinima.

This is one of my favourite wow singer with high quality machinima

ever since ive gotten my new Pc,ive been thinking hard of making one myself.
But i dont feel im that creative enough to make one. =(
Hopefully ill make one in the future.=D

some of the essential software need to be used are:

Thursday, May 5, 2011

movie trailer anyone?

i love watching movie trailer right before the movie starts! :D
it makes me plan which movie to watch next.. (yeay!)
and even keep me updated with the new movies on scene~
hell, i would even start ROFLMAO before the movie starts..(haha)


got to watch this~

what i dont understand is,
how some people really2 hate the movie previews or trailer before the movie starts..
it only took a few mins dude!
and its fun to watch~
plus, it is made to wait for the late-movie-comers to get a chance to watch it on time..
(well cant blame them entirely, maybe they just bought the ticket,or was in a bad traffic, or even waiting for his girlfriend to stop shopping~<---eww no..)

what im trying to say is,
trailers are fun to watch~

however, sometimes you are conned by trailer too..
damn it!!

here are a few example trailer which are nice to watch:

the hangover 2~ :D

sucker punch~ (watched the movie twice haha )
well the movie is out already,
but the trailer is HAWT! :D

now here are a few movies that is not worth the money paid (even though the trailer is good)


love and other drugs..(BORING!!)

haha.. so good luck in choosing which movie is worth to watch! :D

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

its just a flick!

have you ever experience this?
1st situation:
you are driving on the road rushing to reach your destination and suddenly you came upon a junction,
you waited as you see the car on the other side of the junction is about to drive straight in front of you.
then, he turned to the left/right leaving you cursing every single hideous word you know.

"damn it! why didn't you just flick the f**king signal on
you make me wait for nothing! damn b**ch"

2nd situation:
a motorcyclist will think that you will be driving straight,
unless you flick on the signal saying that you are turning
left or right.
accidents between cars and motorcycle happens (mostly) due to this act,
where the driver is so self centered that he doesnt flick on the signal light,
not knowing that a motorcyclist is behind him,
riding as if nothing is going to happen..
then *bang~*..

.shit happens.
3rd situation:
you are driving with a constant speed of (lets say 100km/h).
emm..no no... lets make it as,
you are driving with an increasing speed starting from 100km/h
(what? people love to speed nowadays)
as you are enjoying the speed,
suddenly, a car beside you,
without a warning (signal sign) drove in front of you..(potong jalan)
with a decreasing speed..
that would be f**ked up..
imagine if you didnt get the chance to slow down.. opss...

signals on
its a very simple act..
its nothing tiering at all.. just a flick by your finger..
and it would make a difference on the road. :)

whats so hard? just flick on the signal light

life would be easier on the road like this~

just turn on your signal even though you are the only one on the road~

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