Monday, September 20, 2010

Callers? Manners?

It's Antoine Donson!! *Pic unrelated to post*

Have you ever receive a call/sms from Anonymous??
Do you ever try to call them back or atleast sms them asking who are they?
or you just ignore them?
Who knows what lurk behind those unknown number..
Might be a long lost friend, an unsaved colleague phone number or maybe some sex maniac desperately finding a sex partner.durhhhh..

I remember back then during 2004, where celcom has this promotion, SMS free to all Celcom number after 12am to 6am.. and man! it was like heaven for all Celcom user.
The best time to enlarge your circle of friend and also to waste time.
id used to ask other people if they have any lonely friends wanted a partner to chat with.
then all of the sudden the anon number that keeps on msging me in asking me "Hi".
It was fun msging with them at first. but after awhile, when the reality strike me..
it was badd... really2 badd.. Ive realized i had wasted more then rm300 credits per month just for nothing and more anon started to constantly and continuously harass my poor Nokia phone inbox.It get worser when sex chat start to spam in and so as the call..
Most people would just delete the old phone number and buy a new one.
but i didn't
instead i braced myself and hurdle tru all the Anon call & attack for the next few month.
i guess it's a preety bad lesson for me.


just now i received a call from 01*-7173134. who the hell she is? i dont freaking know who or care the hell she is.
She called me and the 1st thing she ask is..... "SAPE NI?" "SAPE ni?"
WTF? wTF???????? WTF???
did your mommma even teach you proper manner?
Im the call receiver now and ur the Anon caller.
You should introduce urself first before jumping in and bombard me with questions.
Its like invading a house, acting as if it yours and questioning the owner WTH are they doing in that house.
So i trolled her (TL;DR).wahahahha!

And things get better when HEr Boyfriend (maybe) called me questioning as if im some sort of a criminal.
and this time i was quite pissed off ok.
I didnt harass your GF okk. It's her who is claiming that i misscall her then started to pounce on me as if ive poke her virginity or something.

haha.. ah lets just cut the crap for now.
im here not to babble on wonderfull wonder of befriending with anon.
anyone can be an Anon. even youu! yes youuu the one reading this post are also an Anon
the moral of the story here..
if you are the caller... introduce yourself 1st then ask the phone number who they are.

p/s: checkout Bed intruder song . *warning: highly addictive*
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