Monday, April 30, 2012

Casting Scroll of Resurrection on Yunaku

a few month ago,
Ive was so close to permanently quit WOW.
WoW withdrawal is hard to endure.
It's like a druggie trying to stop taking drug.

Out of the blue,
One of my friend send me a scroll of Resurrection
You've given an option of either: 
1)Boost character  lvl1 to 80
2)If your old character is at the max lvl, you could transfer character to your friend's server and/or faction change

Ontop of that you'll get:
1) free catalysm digital download
2)7 day free play time
3) free mount!

and behold!
My Yunaku has reborn into a Female goblin D:

Ive even transferred to Frostmourn to join up with my pvp gangs.
Im deeply sorry for leaving my my buddies in Amanthul. :(
Im a PvP not a PvE player. 
One of the reason i quit in the first place is, i got bored.
No hardcore Pvp there.
Sorry for the sudden transfer .

Monday, April 16, 2012

Raspberry PI vs Notebook 1 Malaysia

I like the government vision of making Malaysia an IT knowledgeable society.
Once upon a time,  they even gave free laptop to family with less than RM3000 income.
 Free laptops to"deserving" family. LOLZ

Then followed by Free Notebook 1Malaysia for student... again.. another LULZ.
1 Malaysia but made in.. ntah mane.
Congratz to the supplier who won the tender! :cheer:

 Pic credit: Lorna


I bet all those free notebook are now a piece of junk.
Life expectancy for a Laptop/notebook is only 2years before they crack up and self terminate themselves.
(especially ACER Laptop. They'll automatically self destruct before the warranty end)

You think that Laptop/notebook can help you improve your IT/Programming knowledge via plug and play?
 (its call spoon feed)
Can Words/excel/photoshop/web writing in ICT curriculum can even broaden your mind?
( being too colonized to improve yourself to use other software)
 Experimenting programming would be sooo totally far off with PC/laptop/notebook.
That thing will eventually create a new generation of internet social whores waste of money.

Instead of wasting millions of money, those money can be use as a grant for any non-profit charity group that can come up with the most affordable  and powerful computer a student can buy...and it is possible!


Dont be fooled by this baby.
It cost only £25, same price as a freaking Britain School Text book! 
Modal B, £35
RM125 equivalent to a University firsthand book!
Dont blame Malaysian price, cause this baby is made in Britain. (it's manufacturing factory is in China).
 If you want cheaper, gather around a group of brilliant people and develop it. Made in Malaysia, RM25.

the graphic sux (quake3 1999), but it is running on a CREDIT CARD !!!

This wont limited your experimental boundary. It's cheap enough to be replace.
You can even make your own casing for it!
In fact your Handphone cost 5x of this baby

P/s: Pre order is now available at Element14

Friday, April 13, 2012

iPad factory

So you think 2000 people apply for one position at Jobstreet is hard for you, so how about 500 people queue everyday to apply a job as an ipad factory worker .

p/s: the company's website look too shady Foxconn Electronics

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Scammer: Parasitic Bitch/ Son of a Bitch

Lately ive been seeing too many scams around me.
Read this post on lowyat and feel so fucking pissed off.

Lol! kata bukan pelacur. tp gambar fb & items are all sex based.
wait what? Sunway Collage offer sijil?
 OMFG!!! Neway sunway  fees is expensive. You gotta be a rich kid to enroll here

maybank 162133213798
Mohd Rizal
010 5170571
012 2295006

Feel so fucking enrage when seeing someone trying to scam someone.

In this case, it's call the parasitic bitch/ parasitic son of a bitch who infest on other people good deeds.

Quite a common case to con someone.
1) Setup a fake id, forum account, myspace, twitter or the most easiest, FACEBOOk. preferable female fake id, coz man are easily fool by a  fake hot profile pic.Titties are bonus!
2) Be actively on the forum board/wall, as if you are a real person. Multiple picture are good.
3) Select a random number of potential candidate, preferable with 2 or more following criteria
    -working, single, ugly, good doer, boastful, nice, 
4) Start chatting with the potential victim, be relax, manja2, make your self look so vulnerable and cute.
5) Then tell them your problem, ur mom accident, ur out of ptptn Loan, AHlong hutang, cat die
6) Say how financial tight you are. give all sort of reason to make him believe you.
7) Ask him to spare some money. RM50 is enough. Remember, you are a cute-vulnerable-in-debt-hottie. Guys will eventually pour in extra money for you later.
8) Get the money, Thank him and dont ever talk to him again! ( unless he fall in love with you, so keep on kikis la!)
9) If you fail,  just remove and block him. You can always aim another victim.

I known someone who was fooled into this scam.
It was not his fault, cause he was the good doer type of person.
That Parasitic Bitch/ SoB took an advantage, saying she was in financial debt, got into an accident, no money, brother is a psycho guy , need RM50  blablala exactly the same shitline as the facebook chat above.
He ended up paying  and never to hear anything from him/her ever again.
The end.

Credit:  of course to the well played guy ejoeflizzow

p/s: another of His account yariz Network : 042-01-00477-7 (Hong Leong Bank)
Ive got a grasp onto his fb actual account. This guy is another EPIC lelaki ISLAMIC fail. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Show off: Brought keyboard instead of keychains

Was aboard without internet excess.. and it sux big time!
Brought myself this baby for my souvenir!
This sweet Logitech G105 cost only RM120!!
 In Malaysia it cost triple the price!
However, I couldn't afford to buy G19 :(
 My Razer mouse cost only RM80 there! FUU!
Razer naga= RM160

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