Friday, December 30, 2011

Overated : Nuffnang & advertlets

Back during the civilized blogging , chat box are full with real people. They would chat and interact with each other, sharing thoughts, comment and critics. In some rare occasion, random blogwalker would come by and say "link me and I'll link you back".Well it's cool, cause you are real.

Then Nuffnang came and disturb the ecosystem.

Every click you'll get 1sen, while I take the rest of RM 1000000

Nuffnang is so overrated. I remembered nuffnang crazed hit Malaysian blogging community around 2007 if Im not mistaken. .They say "easy passive money,bro". Your blog + nuffnang = you earn money. No blog +no nuffnang = no money. Sounds like a good plan for me.So I have Been there, done that, fuck that shit.

All of the sudden, a horde of shoutout spam screaming and shouting "I've clicked ur nuffnang, click mine!". More and more blog A.S.S appear. The most easiest way to catch a lot of traffic feeds are by posting cheap blog entry related to blogging tips ( cara untuk dapatkan banyak trafic), repost/commenting blogs, a hot chick living a Jersey shore life,contest with award like "read-my-past-blog-entry contest" and some even plagiarized other blog to feed their own . Up to one point, many claim that blogs without nuffnang are lame and uncool. FUCK THAT! Only country affected by nuffnang  are attention whores.

While the the cheapass blogs gain more profit from nuffnang, other casual blogger are unaware that they have become a mare vessel in advertising nuffnang. Only a minority of unaware cheap labor nuffnang slave advertiser "I serve nuffnang" are actually successful enough to be even on their honory mention by them. Last time I checked, you need to accumulate RM120 worth of CLICKS not visit, to redeem your money. So for casual blogger, it takes months or even years to collect that amount of money unless they are creative enough to set a bot or manually spamming and forcing other people to just visit not reading their blog.

And there's another one:
Putting more blings into our pocket

Advertlets..Thank God gokita has gone out of business or else we'll be seeing 3 advertisement in one single blog.

They both have their own strategy (read here) but ultimately both are converting ASEAN region bloggers into cheesy attention whore blogger.
It's super irritating!

p/s: Sorry to all those casual nuffnang/advertlets blog advertiser, I know you're doing a honest work but you're like the force labor of 99% and they are the 1%. hohoho

sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit :D

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rageface/ Custom Made Emoticon on Facebook Chat

OMG! Mark Zuckerberg is stalking my chat box!

Inb4 slowpoke!MuAHAHAHA.
Damn you internet! Offline for 4days and now I'm like missing the whole world.

Well... back to the main topic,instead of the lame boring :( :) :@ emoticon, Rageface are far more cooler to be used. Just copy the code below and paste it into the chat box.

  • Troll face:                          [[171108522930776]]
  • ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME:         [[143220739082110]]
  • Not bad Obama:                [[169919399735055]]
  • Me Gusta:                           [[211782832186415]]
  • Mother of God:                    [[142670085793927]]
  • Cereal Guy:                       [[170815706323196]]
  • LOL Face:                        [[168456309878025]]
  • NO Guy:                          [[167359756658519]]
  • Yao Ming:                      [[218595638164996]]
  • Derp:                              [[224812970902314]]
  • Derpina:                         [[192644604154319]]
  • Forever Alone:              [[177903015598419]]
  • Not Bad :                          [[NotBaad]]
  • Fuck yeah :                       [[105387672833401]]
  • Challang accepted:       [[100002727365206]]
  • Okay face:                     [[100002752520227]]
  • Dumb bitch:                   [[218595638164996]]
  • Poker face                  [[129627277060203]]
  • Okay face                    [[224812970902314]]
  • Socially awkward penguin [[98438140742]]
  • Rage face                    [[FUUUOFFICIAL]]
  • Lamp                        [[100001256102462]]
  • No                            [[167359756658519]]
  • MOG                        [[142670085793927]]
  • Feel like a sir           [[168040846586189]]

For custom emotion, according to Snoogins1:
This works with profiles and any page on facebook. What you do is
Step 1: copy the page number from the URL. i.e. the reddit page no. is 7177913734
(if there is a vanity url, go to photos and select the last group of numbers after the period in the URL. It should be around 10-11 characters)
Step 2: go into chat and paste the page number between two brackets either side (i.e [[7177913734]] )
that is all.

You can use your username too.
For example:
username: [[zuck]]
the default page number: [[4]]

Good luck! :D

 Spamming time!

Credits: Reddit . TDW

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I wrote this blog for my own LuLz and I don't know how many readers are actually reading.

Here's a head up, more critical creative thinking post are coming.

Neway, Happy holidays!

p/s: Myosotis

Monday, December 19, 2011

Re: Nak Ludah Muka Mahasiswa?

POPCORN time! 
Cool Story Bro!

This is a perfect example for a troll bait due to:
  • Shitty politic
  • Emo rage people
  • Fat people 
  • Religious excerpt
  • Facts without citation
  • Hate speech aiming directly to a minority of a generation
  • Low resolution video

Anyway, since 1997, the government has produce a new political apathy generation. Those who are lucky enough to be in this group are mostly political neutral and doesn't give a fucking damn about politics. BUT once someone or any political group disturb this generation's basic needs, the whole Malaysia political system will collapse.

Creator's... meet your own doom

p/s: i kenot brain this shit!
pp/s: remix here! credit:comel

Friday, December 16, 2011

Malaysia's Most Googled Website 2011

And the first place for the Malaysia's Most Googled website of the year goes to... FACEBOOK..
Wait!! WHAT??
Facebook? Most Googled? R u Fucking Kidding me?
Majority of Malaysian would open any search engine, type in Facebook, hit the search button, and finally click it instead of typing  in the address box. :O

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Realife Reality Show: How to play

Fuck reality show. They're old and overrated

Reality show isn't so real until you watch it real life.Am I right?

You can either be a participant in a reality show or watch as a viewer for free!

The rule is simple:

  • The whole REAL LIFE is a reality show.
  • Each and every person are either the troll, viewers, props or NPCs of the reality TV show and that includes you.
  • Plant a Troll bait.
    -Example1, post a FB wallpost about Politic, mixed with religious view and grammar mistake.
    -Example2, an epic Youtube video documentary about the linkage between Illuminati and some Food commercial
    -Example3, Edited photo
  • As more unexpected people approaches the bait, their role in the whole reality show will soon reveal,
  • Sit back, relax and Enjoy the show! *PopCornTime*
p/s: I hope that you're among the spectator, not the bait eater. :O

Monday, December 12, 2011


Everything that is alive will eventually reach the end of their life..

No matter how fast you run or how good you hide,
It will eventually find you when your time comes..

We wont even realize how much that person mean to us till their gone.
and when they're gone,
nothing else matters anymore.
there's nothing you can do to change the past,
nor the future.

So, appreciate that person while they are still alive,
it doesn't hurt to tell them how much they mean to you,
tell them how much you love them,
a hug or a kiss..
cox when they're gone,
a dreadful feeling will come..


Al-Fatihah to Raimi Nuruddin's father who had passed away on 11/12/11, and to MuhammadDanial's sister who had passed away on 1/12/11.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Free skype app for Blackberry

I love Skype! For me, it's the best IM.
If you’re a Skype user and a BlackBerry owner then it’s no news to you that in order to use Skype services from your BlackBerry you have to use third party apps that aren’t half as good as the official Skype app you see on other OS. Unless you're a Verizon Wireless user, then you have nothing to argue about.

It's quite hard to find any free 3rd party for Skype. Aside from  im+ app, Ive stumble upon IMO and it work far much better then im+. As a third party application, it do have it's downturn.

p/s: Oovoo sux. it's a ripoff of skype

Credits: n4bb

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Argument & Apologizing

This pie chart is only applicable for Forever-Alones where makeup sex is excluded.

Scumbag brain will always create an absolute winning monologue after an argument ended. L'esprit de l'escalier Fuuuuuuu!

Indeed apologizing is an ego buster. Sorry seems to be the hardest word.. and it hurts when it is rejected :(

Spoilers for couples : click here

Friday, December 2, 2011

SCAMMER 03 58855100

Hari jumaat pon nak wat dosa gak ke, kak?

Just now, an unknown number called me, a female malay caller, claiming that she's from Maybank.
She said i was among the lucky one and offered me Program Penghargaan, some sort of Insurance that will cover you if:

  • Lumpuh: get RM 700K in lump sum
  • Hospitalized get RM280 per day
  • My future children will also cover by this plan (WOW! gile babis)
  • Kene minyak masak pon cover
  • Dan lain-lain,  i forgot coz she's talking super freaking fast
All i need to do is agree to pay monthly cost of RM37.80. I asked her, Ive already got insurance so what benefit will i get. She said, since this is a Penghargaan program, I can claim from both insurance company and Maybank .She also kept mentioning  "like photostat" WTF is that?

I was bored with work, so i kept on with the conversation as I did some research on the net.+_+

I ask her for website link so that i could study about it first. At this moment, I can sense her confident level suddenly decrease. She said, this is a recorded conversation, so there's nothing to be afraid of. Wow, Ive never knew recorded conversation can be so secure.

She kept persuading me, claiming its a chance of a lifetime and she wont call me back if she hang up so i  negotiate her that i would love to take the plan, but im broke and RM37.80 is too much. So she offered me another plan which cost RM28.00. A cheap price for people broke like me. LOL

After approximately 15minute layan her gibberish, i got bored and said: 
"Sy tak minat pon" and hung up.
now i regret for not saying " Fuck you scammer" :(

Links that saved me:  
Awas nombor +603-58855100 << information sharing
Insurans Maybank << mangsa keadaan  & cara nak selesaikan
Who call me << ramai gile stalk
Scam tipah tertipu << mangsa scam

Conclusion:  NO PROOF,GTFO!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

I Kenot Brain Diz!

This crazy girl is crazy! At first I thought she was a troll but after I browse throughout her entire FB wall feed, she was indeed self-centered merciless whore. 

 Lulz, she even got herself a necklace from her deceased grandmother who she hated so much.

Friday, November 25, 2011

World Money Chart!

the whole green section represent 1 orange color box.
the whole orange section represent 1 grey color box.
the whole grey color box represent 1 yellow color box.
the whole yellow color box represent 1 blue color box.

I stumble across this cool chart by xkcd, a chat of  Money: almost all of it, where is it, and what it can do.
the chart is entirely based on 2011 US dollar.(zoomable version here)

Things that are quite interesting in this chart:

  • Largest market capacity company : Saudi Aramco $2 940 000 000 000
    -Most of the wealthiest company are petroleum based company. I bet if they cant find any new renewable energy within 50years to over come this problem, they'll might end up bankrupt. Brace yourself rupture is coming :O

  • Japanese earthquake has the highest estimated total damage. $235 000 000 000

  • PS3 120g slim cost $250 (RM875) , Xbox $200 (RM700) & Wii $150 (RM525) [try check ebay]
    - The Price of the console depends on how big the capacity & the version is. Its a pity that the console price in Malaysia is so damn expensive. Average cost for a console game oversea is around $50 (est rm 175) which you can get the same price or less at lowyatt forum.
  • Average cost for rising a child to age 17: (in Malaysia,  probably  much cheaper)

  • Lower income: $150 380

  • Middle income: $206 920

  • Upper income: $ 302 860

  • I agree with the quote " anak itu rezeki" but it's bullshit to have 6-11 children and unable to raise them all. Ending up sending some of them to the orphanage. Congratz! Your lack of family planing has permanently scarred the life of the innocent.

    Insight left, Prius Right
    Prius top, Insight bottom.
    • Toyota Prius is a better fuel saver then Honda Insight
       Aww! Insight looks better then Prius.=/
    • Estimated total economic production of the human race (so far) : $2 396 950 000 000 000
      Skyrim: player.additem 00000000f2396950000000000. Fuck yeah! Im filthy rich! (cheatbook)
    •  The Poor + Middle Class  household net worth= less then 9% of the total house hold net worth  of the rich people.
      The rich will always become richer. Meanwhile the mid class will work their ass out to make a living and the poor exist just to scare the shit out of the mid class to kept them working.
    • Zynga, the corparation behind childish spamming game of Mafia Wars & all sort of -ville games worth half of Facebook value. :O
    • Like other social network games, Zynga had a formula of offering free-to-play game with artificial roadblocks that can only be overcome by spending money or pestering your friends (or by friending literally hundreds of people that you don't know just to get free clicks). It has no victory conditions and asynchronous game play making up the worst game play ever to exist. Much worst when people claim themselves a gamer by playing these crappy game.
      Derpina: Kite ni girl gamer tau
      Derp: Wow! Seriously? Jarang gile jumpe perempuan main game.. Game ape awak main?
      Derpina: Farmville, CityVille, Angry birds, Castle Age, Sims Social. Oh yea! Kite Lvl 230 kat mafia   wars tauu !
      Derp: ...

    Wednesday, November 23, 2011

    Skyrim Torrent Download

    It's been almost a month since i quit Ragnarok Online (LOL!!) & World Of Warcraft. Not a single game able to feed my gaming addiction until i played Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

    awww I love you, Dovahkiin!!

    A common failing of open-world games is that the game world has nothing to offer the player. Except a few mini games, hidden boss and achievement which is easily accomplish. Ultimately,it's just a huge lifeless world where you are force to wonder in to get to the next mission. Don't let Skyrim fool you! It's incredibly dense, pack, complex and fantastical life stimulation. You are who you play. RIP social life 11/11/11

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Teaser

    Thank to my buddy, Lasso, he help sending me some illegal torrent download link for Skyrim:
    Skyrim+ crack
    Skyrim Manual
    Skyrim Prima guide with working PDF link 
     Optional: Skyrim mods (19/11/11) facesV2, gold, eye, rain, children, FX

    Min system requirement for this game:
    Operating system:      Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit of any)
    CPU                  :       Intel or AMD 2 GHz dual-core
    Memory             :       2 GB RAM
    Hard drive space:       6 GB free HDD space
    Graphics hardware:    Direct X 9.0c compliant video card with 512 MB of RAM
    Sound Hardware:       DirectX compatible sound card

    This game is also available for PS3 and XBOX.

    Take a look at the demo:
    Just play game already! Give the game a chance by sucking up the whole game for 2-3 hours to adapt yourself with it and before you knew it, you'll be addicted to it. :D


    Credits: skyrimnexus , demonoid , Raxor 1911

    Sunday, November 20, 2011

    Student life

    AAAHHHHHH! being a Student is so much fun. Life is so carefree. You're jobless money-sucker-parasite yet both of your parent are proud & love you. Nothing really matter except for a few love problem, friendship and examination. Fuck examination, as if anyone really cares about it though.  Student life will always follow these steps:

    1.      Enjoy!
    2.      Sit for examination (SPM)
    3.      Enjoy!
    4.      Get the result
    5.      Cry & weep over spilled milk for a couple of days
    6.      Return to normal state, Enjoy!
    7.      Then beg your parent to enroll you into some crap course in some crap collage cause your result is so fucked up
    8.      First PTPTN income, Enjoy Gile Babi!!
    9.      Repeat step 1 to 6
    10.  Graduate
    11.  Enjoy!
    12.  Finally (or probably) realize how doom you are in the working world.
    13.  Meh, fuck that. ENJOY!!

    OR you can always choose two:

    Tuesday, November 15, 2011

    Old generation Problem, New Generation Suffer

    Just take a look at the guy who lawnmower your garden.
    How bout the guy who fill up your gas at the petrol station.
    The guy who made your Roti Canai.
    The cleaner who cleans your office room.
    And the bunch of people working at the factory.

    Now take a look at the amount of university,colleges,private company offering a place in university aboard, tuition and crash course for SPM, PMR, UPSR
    Finally,the total amount of high educated graduates.

    Now try to sum both up.
    The only answer to both is:

    Our generation was raised with the belief that if we value our education and go to post-secondary we will be successful. They had learnt that education is the only ticket out from becoming a failure like them. Every parent use this scare tactic on their kids and so does every teacher in every school.

    Parent:  Adik, blajar rajin2.. nanti bile da besar boleh jadi doktor. xkan nak jadi kuli orang cam papa.
    Even the government support this ideology by creating more education institute including those who offer ridiculous nonsense courses such as screen program, photography, Leisure Outdoor and Adventure Management and hair design??? . You will be surprise to see the amount of people enrolling and suing.

    Yes, this doesn't applied to everyone. There are still people out there working their ass out just to make a living. But how many of high educated graduates have the guts to give up their egos and stand behind some KFC counter? If they did take the job it doesn't mean that it could shut up the elderly.

    Makcik A: Tau x, MakJah kerja Cashier kat Secret Recipe. Dah 4bulan kerja sana.  
    MAkcik B:  Eh, bukan die blajar Accountancy kat UM ke?  Mesti pointer teruk ni takpon  gagal course.

    It's NOT OUR FAULT being a cGPA 3.5 Chemical Engineering graduate pizza maker. We've got our degree but they're not hiring. At least they are working compare with other unemployed graduate who they think they're too good for those jobs because that's what the older people have been fucking telling them since birth.

    p/s: unless you're pretty or handsome, you can always sell yourself as a model, stewardess, gigolo, prostitute, mistress without even bother studying.

    credits: cracked

    Wednesday, November 9, 2011

    I Pity the fools

    Ever since Facebook enable sharing link application, millions of user kept sharing and spamming all sort of links. It's irritating especially those who share grotesque pictures.Kamon la! there are children on FB!
    But the best part is... watching those mindless people sharing and enrage over some shared link without knowing the fact they were fed by the troLOLOLLllll

    For example... this picture. For those who dont get it, its a comparison picture of Islamic leader doing their Hajj Pilgrimage . (oh yea!, i dont like politic. as long as the politician doesn't disturb me and my needs, im Ok. )
    With only one glance of this pic, it's enough to make Malaysian citizen erupt with rage, QQing how double standard our prime minister is.Congratulations! you've been fed by some politic trolls!

    If you're a medic, engineering, or whatever science related major, i bet you've been thought never to trust an information or distribute any information without any reference or citation from a trusted source. ( unless you've flunk out before finishing your final year project)

    so here are some reference for you:
    . ....

    this is the best video clip that i can find so far....

    Conclusion: nvr trust the internet... and Ahmadnajed loook so awesome!

    credits: ShiaChat ,President , MHER news,

    Tuesday, May 24, 2011

    i Do want... to.. make.. a ...Machinima!!

    for the past few month..
    ive been going Gaga over machinima!~
    Especially WoW machinima.

    This is one of my favourite wow singer with high quality machinima

    ever since ive gotten my new Pc,ive been thinking hard of making one myself.
    But i dont feel im that creative enough to make one. =(
    Hopefully ill make one in the future.=D

    some of the essential software need to be used are:

    Thursday, May 5, 2011

    movie trailer anyone?

    i love watching movie trailer right before the movie starts! :D
    it makes me plan which movie to watch next.. (yeay!)
    and even keep me updated with the new movies on scene~
    hell, i would even start ROFLMAO before the movie starts..(haha)


    got to watch this~

    what i dont understand is,
    how some people really2 hate the movie previews or trailer before the movie starts..
    it only took a few mins dude!
    and its fun to watch~
    plus, it is made to wait for the late-movie-comers to get a chance to watch it on time..
    (well cant blame them entirely, maybe they just bought the ticket,or was in a bad traffic, or even waiting for his girlfriend to stop shopping~<---eww no..)

    what im trying to say is,
    trailers are fun to watch~

    however, sometimes you are conned by trailer too..
    damn it!!

    here are a few example trailer which are nice to watch:

    the hangover 2~ :D

    sucker punch~ (watched the movie twice haha )
    well the movie is out already,
    but the trailer is HAWT! :D

    now here are a few movies that is not worth the money paid (even though the trailer is good)


    love and other drugs..(BORING!!)

    haha.. so good luck in choosing which movie is worth to watch! :D

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011

    its just a flick!

    have you ever experience this?
    1st situation:
    you are driving on the road rushing to reach your destination and suddenly you came upon a junction,
    you waited as you see the car on the other side of the junction is about to drive straight in front of you.
    then, he turned to the left/right leaving you cursing every single hideous word you know.

    "damn it! why didn't you just flick the f**king signal on
    you make me wait for nothing! damn b**ch"

    2nd situation:
    a motorcyclist will think that you will be driving straight,
    unless you flick on the signal saying that you are turning
    left or right.
    accidents between cars and motorcycle happens (mostly) due to this act,
    where the driver is so self centered that he doesnt flick on the signal light,
    not knowing that a motorcyclist is behind him,
    riding as if nothing is going to happen..
    then *bang~*..

    .shit happens.
    3rd situation:
    you are driving with a constant speed of (lets say 100km/h). no... lets make it as,
    you are driving with an increasing speed starting from 100km/h
    (what? people love to speed nowadays)
    as you are enjoying the speed,
    suddenly, a car beside you,
    without a warning (signal sign) drove in front of you..(potong jalan)
    with a decreasing speed..
    that would be f**ked up..
    imagine if you didnt get the chance to slow down.. opss...

    signals on
    its a very simple act..
    its nothing tiering at all.. just a flick by your finger..
    and it would make a difference on the road. :)

    whats so hard? just flick on the signal light

    life would be easier on the road like this~

    just turn on your signal even though you are the only one on the road~

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