Saturday, March 23, 2013


I wont be maintaining this blog for now.
This blog theme has turn into a serious vent machine. D:
I'll be spending more time doodling on my other blog

Thursday, February 21, 2013

MLM explained using video

MLM is like direct selling but they dont really sell item but recruit someone s

Monday, January 21, 2013

Morbid Reality: Siblings

No matter how much we hate our siblings, how much we complain about the ones we truly love, we still love them and would die to protect them.
It's a love hate relationship, but deep down we are bounded by blood.
We might not like each other, but we always love them.
The feeling is much far deeper & mutual than a love between two lover.
Despite how awful we do to each other, there will always be a small space deep in our heart for them.
Willing to forgive them and accept them back.
They will always be there by our side to help us up when we are down.
In a verge of danger, I wouldnt even mind to place myself in danger for the sake of my sisters.

I saw this post on reddit:

 This is a great example of an unconditional love. A classic sibling interaction. She vent out her typical rebellious teenager emotion wanting to go out but instead stuck at home babysitting his little bother.
What really hit me the most is the morbidity of her #HelpMe. Turns out to be her last tweet as a reminder, a  sign of how deep it could mean.

Ricardo Baez, Colon's boyfriend's father, said Friday that Colon was baby-sitting her younger brother and hid him from the

With an instance, she turns into a hero. She died protecting her brother. RIP Alishia.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Loveletter to the 0358855100 Vigilant

Sorry for the late response, I rarely got time to check my blogger nowadays.

I'd like to thank Anonymous poster name "Puteri" regarding her comment on 03 58855100. You're using a throwaway ID so i cant find a way to contact you back.

old link post :
 Scammer 03 58855100 (Friday, December 2, 2011)
Scammer 03 58855100 that never quits (Wednesday, September 5, 2012)

Bare in mind, both post are dated over 2 years ago and this is a freaking blog post.
Let me redefine you the meaning of important term use here:

Which is basically a diary and an opinion expressed by the writer. I didnt signup to write this blog for reference or income . Infact, rule of the internet, once something posted on the internet, it will remain on the internet forever, thanks to copypasta.

For your clarification, the aggressiveness of 0358855100 caller bugged me. Well not only me, but a bunch of other people out there.(Just google yourself). For a person who is caution with the virtual world, the best assumption is to label them as Scam. You cant blame us for being caution. You should try and hear yourself how they sell themself. So pro, like a virtual MLM agent.Honest people are rare in this corrupted world and infinite bunch of greedy corporation out there sucking up every dollar and cent on sight.

Different people, different opinion and luck. Lets say you did fall for those sweet talker and it turns out to be legit, so good for you. Congratz, you got yourself a new credit card and insurans!! But you wont be lucky next time. There dozen of these pesky telemarketing outside who just cant wait to snatch your hard earn money. Oh, this suddenly reminded me of Geneva gold and Virgin gold. Untill now, victims are still holding on false hope getting their money back.

web popupad = 0358855100 telemarketing

So Puteri say that the number is Legit and im accusing it as a scam. So how far the truth lie in it?hmmmmmm....Read all this blog entery and judge yourself.
I don't even bother to call the Maybank sales rep. Why should I? Just to make another blogpost to clarify that its legit and admit that im wrong for labeling them as scam? Than i guess no. IF its legit, than MAYBANK itself is to blame.

Lets ASSUME it is legit: 

 Ive no grudge against Maybank as the whole company. It's a really great consumer bank by the way. Infact my uncle is one of Maybank manager somewhere in Johor. BUT Ive problem with your telemarketing ,Your marketing scheme SUCKASS. Of course its a good business tactic  by successfully  forcing customer into purchasing your product but the way you do it is exactly like how web popup ad work on the internet world. You approach them by building up confident on to the victim Congratulating them on being lucky to be the selected maybank customer, feed them with lavish infos, telling them this is a one time opportunity and eventually make the unwary victim to fall for it. Sweet talked them through as you subconsciously aggressively pressurized your victim. I could file a harassment lawsuit for this!

This is what they feed you. credit pic : jen

Dont you see theres a SCAM element in there?You dont even give enough time for the consume to think and evaluate. This is a perk in Telemarketing, You can feed them with all the sweet info and by the time they are hooked up they are also  bored of the TLDRness of the talk which make them end up being an impulse buyer. When clarity hit some sense into the victim brain, its already too late to turn back. Money has been drained and regret is all they got. YAY! Round applause to Maybank telemarketing department, for you have successfully fraud your victim into taking shitty product!Where the fuck is the Consumer Right in here? All I see is lust & greediness.

Its been 2 years since i was contacted by the number, but ive read alot of older post regarding to this number dated wayyy back from mine. I guess this is time for you change your marketing plan. How bout direct selling?  Putting up booth at the malls and get frustrated seeing potential customer running away avoiding the booth or worst, getting humiliated in public. LOL. I guess telemarketing is still a great option after all.

I'm highly aware of freedom of speech. Freedom of sharing. Freedom of human right and Consumer Right.
That is why i responded back to you Puteri and at the same time i clarify my stand for i'll be the small pillar in supporting other against the evil gluttony of the world.
Thank you for your concern.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First World Problem: Turning on Emergency/Hazard light during a downpour

Ive notice this sudden trend among Malaysian driver, when its raining heavily and everything become shortsighted. Some driver will ignorantly switch on the hazard light and continue driving like there's nothing wrong with it!

Hazard lights is  use as an indication or warning for other driver, commonly  used on a disabled car which has been pulled to the side of the road. Especially at night, they increase the visibility of the car so that it will not be hit. It also alerts drivers to the fact that there is a problem of some kind, and some drivers use hazard lights to ask for help, usually in combination with leaving the hood up.

You are a dangerous fool for driving with a Hazard light on.Hazard light doesn't make you invincible!! In fact it's illegal! If you think that driving conditions are bad enough to warrant using hazard indicators, it's a good idea to pull over.  It's distracting and dangerous for other driver. why?

1) it can fool other drivers into thinking you're stopped when really you're in motion.
2) Other driver wont know which lane are you trying to cross into
3) You cant differentiate between those who are really in an emergency and a stupid driver

Why is the hazard light button placed further away from the steering column?
Because it's not meant to be used while driving!

Just us the normal headlights. if the storm is too bad for your eyesight & concern bout your life. Stop driving and wait for the storm to subside .

credit: wisegeek
edited: some of my text are missing D:
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