Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Castle age

a couple of days ago, i come up with an idea of making a private raid consisting only people i know. and it turns out to be fun!~ =D
at least you got some friends to spam up the chatting box and the attack log instead of a bunch of ALiens DPSing the boss and acting as no one around him ever exist.

most of my friends are newbies, and this chick is pissing their ass out. haha =P

this is my alt castle age character's stat.
he's a pure mvp 24/7 MVP-ing, no duel,no battle,no quest.
ive got future plans for him though.
he'll be helping my friend,Remy, for summoning yellow dragon.=)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My ALt wow char inventory..=D

hello! this is yunaku~ :D.. ppl usualy keep on questioning why i seem to have an endless stock of potion and food despite how many time my items soldout in the Auction House...
well... take a glimpse into one of my 5 alt char..=P

heeeeeeehheeeeeeeeee! nice ryte? i bet even the GM's GV isn't as yummy as my char's inventory.. haha.. :P

Monday, January 25, 2010

bile da kuat? lupe plak...

Fuck laaaaa....
i miss playing ragnarok!!!
since ive started working, there is not enough time and malas to go online..
plus,my character has become super rich and strong~
fuck it!

my cute evolved Lullaby~

Stupid white herb trying to kill me.
miss je? hahaha

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Words anyone?

i realized that my favorite word to say,changes as new things come into my life.

before this, every single sentences I've said must have the word TAIK in it.
for example:- Blah laaa taik!
- Taik gile ko ni.
- ko ni taik betol la..

then, the word taik seemed to be outdated and a new word came into my everyday sentences!~
Which is GAY~
this word will be referred to everyone and everything.
GAY is like the new POYO.
for example:- (Persons name) gay~ even though he/she is not gay..simply saying..
- gay gile ko ni.(same sentences as above,but the taik is changed into gay)

when i started working, the word Gay disappears.. (cox the word gay is very sensitive).
So.... Mr.Old friend,FUCKER came into my world..
so now, every single sentences i could finish must have the word fucker in it! hahahaha

Saturday, January 23, 2010

PLacebo Live in Jakarta?!

WHY!!!!!!~~~~~~~~ whyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!??? why aren't u coming to MaLaysia??!
T_T! Brian,,, u totally break my heart. =(

LosT and found? ?

haha.. i stumble across this stupid announcement from my university's unofficial announcement.
this entry is really retarded, may god bless u on ur mission of finding that pendrive. hahaha
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