Sunday, November 30, 2008

soooo annoyinggggggg

there's this not so big...
but super annoying mosquito in our house.........@@!
and it juz can't stop making eerieee noises..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
and it mostly sound something like diz
[in a very high pitch sound that would likely 2 burst ur eardrum]

"apiiiieeeeeeeettt..napeee x maaaakaaaannn laaaagieeeee"

or like diz

" tieeeeepppuuu...ana bo'ooooooooooong"

to make sure that we're safe, we usualy ran away 4 safety.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


have u been to the dentist b4?
(duhh ofcox u hav) =.="
well what im trying to say is..
have u ever have the feeling or slightly a thought that they do their jobs recklessly? haha
well no offence..
recently i went to the dentist to get my braces done.
its OMG!!!! damn painful!!!
waaaaaaaa the way they took out my teeth till they put on my braces.
they treat as im a dummy or a test thingy or sumtin..
but its ok..
mayb there's a good dentist out ther waiting to be discover.. hehehe

f**kiN LoOooseR!?

im bored and seriously i have nothing to do.. soo ill just crap crap crap with all this nonsense ya?

well.. this is the way i say fu*kin looooser (as a hand sign la.. duhh)

its a combination of f*uck...

and loser

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


things aren't that good today..
everything is so messed up..
i miss my boo...but there's nothing i can do...T.T
then, there's this @#$%^ screwing up the only thing that i have.
she's making things worst!
and the best part is... it's getting worser!!
im gonna ruin her life as soon as the perfect time comes. ahaha!
well u deserve it la. so eat it up b#$%^!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the day that "she" became a women

it was 4pm in the evening
and we were all rushing all over the place coz we're kinda late 2 pickup a fren.
suddenly, out of the blue,
she called me and ask me in a very curious way.. is this period?
well its red alrite. so its blood laaa.
unless if ur urine is red? =.="
well as she is just new to this period i have to help her wear it. (yuck!)

Monday, November 24, 2008


I'm new here...I'm still learning how to use this..
haha so.. i need help!~
@_@!!Add Video
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