Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Review on New Malaysian Coins

Uh no... the new 50sen is an epic failure! Smaller then 20 Sen seriously!?
Even 10Sen's weight feels far more relevant than the new coin.

You can barely see the details of the new 50sen to be compare with the old 1991 coin

Look like a misshaped arcade token.
take note of the crooked dent at the edge of the coin.

p/s: I want the old coin!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Email. Sms. and. the. Novelty. Handwritten. Letters.

Yesterday was AJL night and i dont give a fuck.

I remember back in 1999, I was among the lucky one to enjoy the internet. Owning an Email was something to be proud back then. My first email was *_anglez@hotmail.com. Not ANGEL, heavenly angel but ANGLE, bucu meja. D:
.. now I have 5 active email including one costume made email, @tidusyuna.com .

Every email that pop into my inbox was more then enough to make me blast with joy. Forward email was my favorite. I even received an email from The Prince of Nigeria!! Unaware that it was a scam, I politely decline his highness offer saying that Im too young to be involve with political event.

I'm 12 and what is this?

Time passed by...

No more anonymous love letters in random unexpected places. A simple yet annoying sms "hi, bley berkenalan" is replaced. We can no longer determine, who really has the guts to express their feeling or a chicken hiding behind a sms.
Wedding card are replaced with facebook picture tag and facebook event. Aint sure if the poster is actually really inviting or doesnt give a fuck who come or not.
Raya card used to be a vital part of festive decoration but now, who the hell would print out facebook picture tag,email or sms and decorate it around the house?
'Karangan surat tak rasmi' used to be a reasonable lesson to be learn back then. You may drop this syllabus now,Mr Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and replaced it with "penulisan blog".
Pen pal barely exist but the amount of attention whores are over 9000.
Stamp collection is now an exotic hobby. Even stamps from banks& bills are replaced with rubber stamp.

I missed the old time.
Perhaps a letter could cheer me up. :P

P/s: PM Najib is the one responsible for PTS back in 1996!! fuu! U utterly ruin my childhood by implementing such an irrelevant exam for minor!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gamer for President!

ok..this is a repost from my other blog.

She's such an inspiration for me to play more!!! MUAHAHAHAA

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Wish I Was Kidding

One of my favourite childhood game
No, seriously!

"from Hasbro the company that brought you transformer"
FUU?! Seriously Hasbro??.

Credits memebase
Reference: 1 2 3 4 5

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Can I live in KL/Lembah Klang with a total income of RM2500?: Part 2

Continue from the previous post

What if you're Married with Kids  and your spouse is also working with a total income of RM5000 ( RM2500 each). Minus the tax, PTPTN & epf = (RM3150)

All good things in life comes with a price

A place call home: RM1055 ( 2095)
Flat with 3 room= RM800
No more room rent ok! 
TmNet broadband 1mbps = RM110  portable broadband RM50
Topup/phone= RM100
Water= RM5 yea! Only in Selangor bro!

Food &groceries = RM517 (1578)
Spend around RM200 for lunch at work.
Shopping at Mydin every fortnight RM317

Car+Oil+Tol+ Car Park= RM550 (875)
Assuming the wife drive a brand new viva or saga.
Husband ride a motorcycle to work.

Parent=400 (475)
 parent from both side ok!

Children Package: 
Option 1: Baby maintenance= RM450  (25)
Pampers 1Malaysia=RM100  Reuseable Diaper =Free
Baby formula milk= RM100
Day care= RM300
Toys/ clothing (they grow fast!)= RM50

Option 2: Pre schooler RM450 (25)
Nursery+ day car= RM450

Option3: Primary School =RM180 (295)
Pocket money= RM100 
School Bus= RM80
Tuition = RM 80   

GG..Its alot!
Soo...Yes you can live in KL/ Lembah Klang and even have your very own family of 3 or four here!
At least for this part, it show us how hard our parent work to rise us up.

*story time*
I got a meleis "friend" whom 'I dont know how much his income is' borrowed our money. At first I thought he was facing financial difficulty due to his newborn baby. He seems urgent and desperate. It's quite weird why he doesn't want to borrow money from his bestfriends. One of them is even a pilot.Pilot are rich though.So we gave him the money and that was the last time we ever heard anything from him. It turns out that he used the money to purchase World of Warcraft expansion pack (USD$109.97 approximately RM351.904. Doesn't include proxy bypass & monthly fees) so that he could play with his bestfriends. To make things even better, he ignored us. Avoiding  us.It's been over a year now and we haven't heard anything from him. Probably he is assuming we would forget everything. !! You're old enough to use your brain, plan your  financial !

Afterlife!*tiada kaitan dgn mini story di atas*

Hope he a have a pleasant day in the real world and in the afterlife. I feel sorry for the family.

The end.

p/s: Money can change people. Dont ever lend your money to someone even if s/he is your best friend.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Can I live in KL/Lembah Klang with a total income of RM2500?

Can you survive staying in KL with an income of RM2500 and still save enough money for emergency?

Lets calculate:
1) you're single not married can be either in a relationship or forever alone
2) graduated with a degree. 3year course with PTPTN RM21000
3) Anak yg xlupa diri
4) not a smoker. If smoker, assume casual smoker = deduct  RM150 to the total sum
5) xsedudukan ( if you're in a relationship)
6) Rent only

WOW RM1000!

Income RM 2500

Tax= RM0 (RM2500)
Thank God!

Income tax


EPF / KWSP = RM275 ( RM2225)
Doesnt matter. This money if for your retirement.

PTPTN= RM150 (1575)
 every month for 11.6 years. I super hate those who recklessly spend their PTPTN loan during their university life. It's a LOAN !! PINJAMAN!  

Insurans= RM150
Fuck this shit. Most Meleis dont have insurans. They have super power and fueled by tenaga batin.

ASB Loan/ ASB Saving =RM100
Fuck this shit. Im still young and I dont need this.

Wedding plan= RM100
Fuck this shit! Im marrying someone rich!In KL, the minimum cost for a wedding is RM30000 and doesn't include tunang, Mas kawin & hantaran.

Credit Card = RM XXX
Fuck this shit! My pocket is always full of money!!

Sewa umah/ sewa bilik + Electricity+ Internet+ water + topup hp =RM500(RM1725)
hoho.. average room rent is around rm300. For the whole flat rent round RM600. Apartment 3room RM800. Double storey house RM 1200

Car+Oil+Tol+ Car Park= RM500 (875)
Assuming you're owning a brand new viva or saga.

Parents = RM200 (1375)
Why not? they are already old. It is time for us to pay back what they have sacrifice for us.

Food & Groceries= RM310 (565)
RM5 for lunch every working day= 22*5 = 110 xkan nak puase tiap ari
breakfast/home cook/dine out/keropok/junk food/ = 200.. need KFC, McD

Optional: Leisure = RM200 (365)
LoL why not? It's your own money. You deserve to enjoy it. buy some clothes, shoes, blanje awek.
Average shoe price: RM50
Average shirt/blouse: RM50
Average money spend on gaming: RM100(ori), Pirate: Rm5
Average movie ticket: RM10
Average monthly payment for smartphone at Maxis/Celcom/Digi center : RM50
Average spend on makeup/toiletries : RM50
Average cost needed for every outing : RM50
Average time to hangout with friends: once a week.. 4time a month. For lover: 8times a month

At the end of the month, you have RM365 to save! So it is possible to live in KL/ Lembah Klang with a total income of RM2500.
Congrats! :D

Monday, January 9, 2012

Political Talk vs Artist Gossip

There's a common line between political talk and artist gossip = To traduce someone a.k.a Mengumpat .

And when i say Artist, it covers all recording & free lance artist, actors, attention whore, public figures and pretty much everyone that has a factual or fictional citation on the net. For political,  every single damn political party, person with power, your working space or even the school badan wakil pelajar.

Its a very great conversation topic that can strengthen the bond between two person despite their
own status or mentality level.

Example of political chat or gossip
Abu: Ketua party Bintang kne tangkap polis!
ALi: ye ke?! cite2
Abu: Kasha Sandal menyundal kne tangkap basah dengan Jais!
Ali: ye ke?! cite2
... but if we remove those political or artist from the conversation, it would be such a boring chat.
Abu: Kasim kne tangkap basah dlm raid Jais&polis
Ali: Huh? sape plak Kasim ni.

Oh fuu! I freaking hate politic.

So, what set them apart ?

1. Artist are being brought to fame to entertain the whole society.
Politician are being paid by tax payer to create a better place.

2.  Artist: the society has every damn right to bash, critic, gossip, morally degrade or even strip off the Artist dignity for good... Well they choose this path, it's the price they need to pay for eternal! Even if they die, people will still mock them for generation.

Politician: doesn't mean the society has all the right to bash, critic, gossip blabla the politician.  They have power that can destroy a single person in the society in order to make them as an example for the other.

3. Artist: Reputation with the Social society will affect their job and career. A slightest mistake can permanently damage the artist career for good.  eg: Mawi

Politician: Bad Reputation with the society is ok as long as cronies are well fed, the politician will survive aftermath.

 nah! eye candy. IDK who they are except for Siti Nur Haliza

Anyway, enjoying this cheap entertainment once a while is ok. Too much politic and gossiping can permanently degrade your own intelligence value. Dont be so obsessive! Or you will turn into some hardcore worship minion that is so dumb that you will eventually turn yourself into an unexpected entertainment artist for other to enjoy mocking on you and yet the artist or the politician that you worship wont even give a damn about you.

Pic Credits: sandiwara, barbelas

Friday, January 6, 2012

Banjir: Intermediate level

Hy33ee eiUu!!
Hik. hik. h!k.. tiTew p3rnAt tAws.
KerJa bAnnnNNyakksss gyL3wss qaRhs!!
emMmmssS ... tadie3 +iTerw nng0k bdArks sk0wLarh.
sHyyio0kk +0L jd m3r3ka...
xd3 k0m!tm33nzzz. nj0yyy jeWh aaRrhsxx!
Nuqx barL1ks 0maaa!!!!
iTerW cAm tArk dq mo0d j3ww nT0x waRtpap3w niehhh....
sob... s0b...sobb...
ohhh! eeppi3yy niEw YiiEr!
wurPer nrk w15shh. hik.. hik.. hiik..1
m0gaa mUd4ah2 aUn n!ew k0wuNkss caPa1 dWwermZzz koWunQ! <3
SyeWw cyUnnKs kaM0o0!

p/s: i k3n0t bWaiNzz dHiss siiHt larhh  s0bb soBbz....  :(

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Advance Broken Telephone game

Almost every orientation week, the facilitator will come out with a game call The broken telephone /  telephone buruk.
The game is pretty simple yet annoying memory game where the facilitator would whisper in some super long tongue twister sentences to the first person, and s/he will pass the message to the next person & so on. Finally the last person will reveal the sentence received by him.
.. i hate that game!
But this game is acceptable! Doodle or dieThe game of telephone with drawings!

Game concept
Person A: Draws any picture they like
Person B: Captions picture
Person C: Draws picture based only off words in Person B’s caption
Person D: Captions person C picture

the picture and caption become more ridiculous as other people keep on re caption and drawing it wrong!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

From a Lost Blackberry Torch to a MLM Scam Scandal

My friend lost his brand new Blackberry Torch. He has been using it for less then 2 weeks. So I help him and did a little favor of tracing back his phone.

I want this phone too!

This was the last screenshot i manage to take before "the new user" deleted me off from bbm list.

BB has their own unique pin number so no matter what happen to the phone, it's unique number still remain to the rightful owner.

A week after being deleted, I added the BB pin again using another friend's BB . Luckily.. the new owner accept my request! At first, I thought the new user might be some unaware consumer who brought the phone from some illegal phone seller...

...until I clicked on the link... http://ik.my/fireyourbossin2012..... the link redirect to http://duitterpantas.blogspot.com/

OH GOD WHYYYYYY?! WHY should this new owner post such a phishing link?! Now im in doubt who he really was, a victim or a predator. I've quickly remove him from my BBM for own safety.

Easy money to live easy in life but rot for eternal in hell.

 I kept on reading the blog... hopefully that the new owner of the phone isn't what i hope for,a scam artist. Then I saw the same exact person  from the bbm picture with the one in the blog. !!

And on the blogpost, there was another link which redirect me to another link. And there's more picture of him having some fine Virgin Gold dinner at Ritz London. Neway, his name is Mohamed Nordin and
Virgin Gold is a MLM. Every MLM is a lie!

You'll get filthy rich !
 And also his phone number! or his bos phone number!!
0126014565 nah! your new Sugar Daddy Phone number

Neway you can always check suruhanjaya Sekuriti Malaysia to verify if it's  a scam or not.

The FUCK is wrong with you! Not only you're using a stolen blackberry phone, you also destroy other people life by tricking them into some Get Rich Scheme. OMG!!! Repent plz!
 Ive just posted a scam related entry a few days ago, and today I'm facing both thief (assuming he stole it!) and a scam agent (yes you are!)

oh no.. I dont know what to do...
I felt pity for my friend.. the victim..
He's currently offshore on a rig doing a honest work.
While his hard earn BlackBerry Torch fell into a hand of a totaly opposite person my friend is.
I'm sorry... this is the best that I can help you.

 Ashlar the Tree

p/s: fuu uuuuu!  maggot! !

Edit 1 (30/1/2012)
same phone number. Must be a black money laundering scheme.

I was bored today, so i google  back the phone number 012 601 4565 . it link me back to this website. And this other money making website . And a Facebook account. A facebook fan page with 900++ folower.

D: i just want the original phone user's justice

Malaysian beware! : Power Balance Scam

Today ive found joy in reading Aidid Mu'addib's blog. He has shown all the proof needed to take down a scammer and yet  stupid Malaysian still fell for it. *maybe due to lack of promotion D:

Today~ Id like to introduce you to Power Balance,  a super power bracelet that can balance your retardness and stupidity by wearing it! That include artist like  Kadarshian, Lindsay Lohan, Zac Efron, Joe Jonas and alot more!
I know about this scam long time ago but recently, I've notice a sudden trend in Malaysia where small kids up to old people are using this band.WTF?!

Power balance has admitted their scam around early last year, and file bankruptcy on November 22 2011.  may have to cough up $57 million for misleading customers, according to TMZ.

yeah I know you lied

One bracelet cost about USD 30 or RM99. Still cheap to be compare with  Dr Jism electronic therapy. For your information, Jism stand for semen. WTF is wrong with consumer? Cant you even notice the product name itself is made to fuck the consumer poket money dry.

Neway, these fake bracelet of the original scam version are available  for Usd 0.52 ... RM 1.5. So dont be fool twice by both original PowerBalance supplier and fake supplier.

p/s: When will Al- jabbar, Hai-O, E-dynium, Quest net, score A, Biodisc, Bioaura, and all other crap MLM scam will ever face any legal lawsuit.

Credits:  all in link above, THANKS AIDID MU'adid!
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