Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rich people, job creating and taxes: PArt 2

Taxing the 1% in Malaysia will never work because

1) we are a developing country.
2) We have a fucked up system which made most of Malaysian citizen disloyal to their very own country.
3) People will get lazy for working so hard just to get taxed more ( implying to those CEOs, general manager dll a.k.a. supreme rank of makan gaji people)
4)We're a multiracial country. Imbalance between racial & economics in Malaysia Sux.
5)Rich will just get richer and they can always have a backdoor to avoid tax. hint: Swiss bank & politician

Friday, May 18, 2012

Rich people, job creating and taxes

Notable comments : He accurately described the economy cycle, debunked republican's ideology, bitch slap bush's tax cuts for the rich, and prove Obama's plan to tax the rich works ALL this in under 6 minutes.

Top 20% can be divided into 2 catagory, the extream 5% and the 15%
Extream 5% are those from the one who are on & off the 40 top richest Malaysian.
While the other 15% are those who actually, RICH Middle Class are just got lucky to have a salary above 8k.
Despite the graph was publish in 2008, our current average salary for  middle class still remains at 3k.
and most of Malaysian citizens are stuck in there.
Working their ass out to pay off unreasonable taxes.
While the poor, who are just poor, waiting for government support  are exist just to scare those pity midclass out.

Middle class have the most powerful purchasing power. Not the rich.

 Lets say, in a small village, theres consist of,  5ppl rich people, 55ppl middleclass and 20 poor people, and the case study of  sales of sugar.
all 60 people will definitely purchase it.
but 55 is dominated by the middle class.

IF, those so call job-creating-rich-people purchase 100 times amount of sugar that is consume by the middle class for business purpose ( example: biscuits, roti, restaurant food,sweets) &; all the bread is consume as daily food by the whole village. its those middle class and lower who is yet again the main consumer. not the rich.

Business does not exist if there's no consumer and jobs are consequences of consumer and business.
Rich will be come richer. and Poor just remain just like that.

50 people who own 1million Ringgit is better than 1 people who own 50million Ringgit.

p/s: wtf am i babbling. LOL

Sunday, May 13, 2012


It is that time again, where work are so overwhelming!
it happen every 2month or so. D:
Life's a bitch.

 So tired.

11may was my birthday!!
My dad gave me smart tag & RM200.
My mum made a makeover onto my car.

World of Warcraft: The shattering book from Alisa.
100++ birthday wishes on facebook.
4 BBM msg from Ayie, Kak Nurul, Slidez and Amer.
2 sms from Mareo & Min
2 hand shake from Raj & Jun! LOL
1 surprise party at the office. Include a Chicken birthday cake.
1 birthday song from Toddybear
1 harapan palsu from Ashlar.
Awaiting gift from Amer :P

And pretty much that's all i received this year.
Thx all for the lovely birthday present!! :D

Friday, May 11, 2012

its my birthday

I want a raspberry pi

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