Monday, June 11, 2012

Scumbag 9gag admin

Conspiracy Keanu Mode: ON

Found this on 9 gag today.

And yea:

Love the gag, hate the people.
Since 9gag originate from Hongkong, bet it was some Chinese Farmer were hire for this job. D:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Digi sux

Digi line sux especially in KL area.
Keep on dropping phone call

And i hated it more when they trying to turn memes to & spamming youtube!
Those memes belong to the internet! not for you damn bloody oligopoly .
You're just lucky that no one own the right for them or else loads of lawsuit piling up to sue you.
Oh wait, Nyancat concept belongs to Christopher Torres a.k.a prguitarman & vocaloid cover of Utauloid Momo Momone.
I bet Digi's advertisement teams are full of 9fags.

Neway, You can remove the "," (comma) from Digi's slogan kk

Time to change Digi

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Business proposal for the rich: Private University

If you're damn bloody rich and you dont know where to invest your money in, here's one of the best solution:

Private University

Reason: Low cost &high return.

Most of the courses offer will cause massive amount of unemployment which will eventually leads to people qq & dont want to pay PTPTN. (well WTF you enroll in those course in the 1st place?)
Courses that must included are ( a.k.a all in low and shit tier):

1) Business
2) Art & Design
- -Computer Graphic Design
- -Multimedia Application
- -Product Design
- -Fashion Design
- -Game art
- -Sound and Music

3) Hospitality & tourism
- -Pastry Arts
- -Hotel Management
- -Tourism Management
- -Culinary Arts

4) Media studies
- -Broadcasting & Film
- -Journalism
- -Advertising &Marketing Communications
- -Public Relations

5) Social
- -Mass communication

6) IT
- -Information Technology
- -Telecommunication Technology

Registration fees are cheap: around rm50-250, chances of getting a place is about 80%.
Initial fees: RM1800-5000, one time payment upon registration.
The tuition fees are bloody expensive: RM1800- 5000 per subject.
some university offer  lumpsum payment per semester, around rm3-10k.

Part time MBA in MMU, cost RM1800 per subject.
1 class consist of 20-30 people.
1 class : once a week.
lecturer require for teaching: 1 with salary of rm5000 la
Duration for 1 subject to complete: 1 1/2 month.
total min money generated: (20 student): RM36 000

WTF! its just slides and presentation. not even experiment! except computer classes which require computers. You can always import foreign lecturers to teach which can be hire at a very cheap price.
In fact, ive got a friend who's a lecturer in Lim Kok Wing  teaches 6 subject that s/he never learn before, totally different than the course that s/he took in university.

There was once a program offer by Segi collage konon2nya mau help poor people to study, blajar dulu bayar kemudian. This happen around 2006 2007,  those unfortunant student enter and study free for the first sem, but when they enter the second sem, the admin demands money. Some cant pay, and ended up blacklisted. Some rebel, saying that the program was assured by Segi when they first enrolled. The person incharge for the program  "M.I.A" and case close but those student still need to pay off the debt thus crushing all their hope and dreams.

If you venture into God-tier courses like medical or engineering, you can even rip them off by offering pre-med at the cost of RM19,610. Imagine the cost for degree. gg

Im not saying that private university are all crap and money maker. Some do have good teaching quality like Taylors, Monash ( tier 5 university but the fees are freaking babi mahal), in the end, its all about the money.

P/s: KLMU,Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College, (Lyric: i wonder what in life got for me, discover blabla, must be at KLMU) the annoying advertistment that u heard on the radio, TV, opening before cinema is actualy a third tier university.
and Nilai International College aka Lagenda college is a LOL

So before student invest their money for education, they should make a background check and don't be fool by the advertisement k! It is better to spend your money in a 4th/ 5th tier university than paying more for a 3rd, 2nd tier university.

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