Thursday, December 10, 2009


married and divorced

I was married to 10 guys for the whole 2 years of my life.

And i divorced them, one by one since 18 Nov.
On 8th Dec, i finally divorced my last husband... Chemy..

well here's my story.
--my first husband, Tan Bie Em(pronounced B.M), was always a smooth talker..but he was too schematic. Everything must be so damn perfect! Gosh!!~ (divorced on 18 Nov.)
--then, my second husband, Eng Lish king (pronounced English king), was just like my 1st husband
(but he is not so crazy like the first 1)~~(divorced on 19 Nov.)
--3rd husband, Sej Ara gopal (pronounced Sejarah Gopal) is very hot headed and mean!
he likes to beat me up! (bencii nyeeee!!)~~(ask for divorce on 18Nov,officially divorced on 19Nov.)
--4th husband, Ahmad Erasti (pronounced Ahmad EST) i just cant comment anything on him.. He's too quiet.(devorced on 20Nov.)
--5th husband,Mr Mathi Matics (pronouned Mr mathematics) i know he loves me soo much! we have a strong bond with each other!~ awwwww (divorced on 23 Nov.)

--9th husband, Epiz, we love each other soo much~ however, theres people who dont like it when we are together.. wuuuuuuuuuuu (divorced on 3 Dec.)
--and lastly, my true and longest lover, Chemy!!!~~i will not forget the nights that we have together~ muaxxXxXXXx (divorced on 8 Dec.)

huhu so thats the story of my 10 husbands that are devorced in 21 days

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

what the hell is the differents between vampires and draculas?

what the hell is the different between vampires and Dracula?

they are both blood-sucking parasites...
But what makes the vampires get all the attentions until the Dracula are left in the store room(where the unpopular shit is placed)

well here's why..

  • Dracula are "made" ugly by the media
  • They act in black and white
  • The actors who act as a Dracula are mainly elderly people
  • The will melt in the presence of the sun
  • They don't fu*king fall in love
  • They dont drive
  • And they sleep in a coffin!!!

  • On the other hand, Vampires has been "worshiped" all around the globe because of the Twilight phenomenon.
  • Lets see... The actors are young,good looking and the have HOT bodies!
  • They act in Coloured Screen!
  • They F*cking Glow in the presence of the sun
  • They have this romantic scene of couples falling in love~~ awwwwwww
  • They drive... a VOLVO!
  • And they stay in a bungalow.

Cant you see!?
Dracula have been down-standard by the vampires!!

Pity the Dracula..cant survive in the world of entertainment anymore... awwwwwwwwwwwwww

Hahaha... and yeah.. the girl who played Bella is a bad actress..BoOoOo~~

Monday, December 7, 2009

weird yet funny sound expressions from ana

Q:How to say it??
A: its easy, just voice out and read it exactly like how the expressions may be..

now just follow and say it out loud.

1. Kyaaaaa!!!! (shout at the top of your lungs with the shock expression on your face)
2. Erk?! (make sure 1 of your eyebrows are up~)
3. Wahhhhh!!! (open your mouth,"make sure its wide open" and round your eyes)
4. Uhu....(do the sad face then bite your lips after that..oh so cute)
5. Ngaaaa~~(its like the "OH NO" expression with both hands on ur cheeks )
6. Ngek~ (this sound is like the "ye la tu" expression where ur mouth will be tilted a bit like this :-/ )
7. Ummm...(this is a one tone umm -not the tasty umm. usually it is used when you are thinking )
8. Awwwwwwwwwwwww~~(when you say this, your mouth must be made like a ducks beak~)

haha remember to say it out loud!~ and follow the expressions.
its fun!! and kinda addictive..

Sunday, December 6, 2009

NooBsHyt NoViCE

oh look at me! im a cute little novice.ohh so cute i wanna touch myself.
ohh what a lovely cute bouncing mushroom.yum2..i want 2 hit it! <3

F@#k. dammit this sux.

ohhh!! ana please pleaseeee!!!

"ana can you buy this for me?"
"i will always use it.."
"i will always love it.."
"i will always.....forever......i promise!!!"

these are the words of baby...
whenever she wants something that she is pretty sure that our parents wont approve of..
most of them are forgotten...
thrown away..
or lost....

these are some of the picture of the things that she had once loved:

price: RM80
condition: as you see it was paused for almost a month now..and left
on the wall just like in the picture.

Night "cow" shoe
Price: RM 20+++
Condition: as you see, the other pair is now gone =.="
forever lost in the store room.

CROCS phone thingy
Price:RM 40
Condition: it looks even worse than in the picture. its squashed,
some of the buttons are missing,
the string is missing,
and it is forgotten.

even though we try to "not buy these things for her"
we just cant...
kesian laaa shes a baby!

P/S:OMG!! if only you know how old she is..
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