Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First World Problem: Turning on Emergency/Hazard light during a downpour

Ive notice this sudden trend among Malaysian driver, when its raining heavily and everything become shortsighted. Some driver will ignorantly switch on the hazard light and continue driving like there's nothing wrong with it!

Hazard lights is  use as an indication or warning for other driver, commonly  used on a disabled car which has been pulled to the side of the road. Especially at night, they increase the visibility of the car so that it will not be hit. It also alerts drivers to the fact that there is a problem of some kind, and some drivers use hazard lights to ask for help, usually in combination with leaving the hood up.

You are a dangerous fool for driving with a Hazard light on.Hazard light doesn't make you invincible!! In fact it's illegal! If you think that driving conditions are bad enough to warrant using hazard indicators, it's a good idea to pull over.  It's distracting and dangerous for other driver. why?

1) it can fool other drivers into thinking you're stopped when really you're in motion.
2) Other driver wont know which lane are you trying to cross into
3) You cant differentiate between those who are really in an emergency and a stupid driver

Why is the hazard light button placed further away from the steering column?
Because it's not meant to be used while driving!

Just us the normal headlights. if the storm is too bad for your eyesight & concern bout your life. Stop driving and wait for the storm to subside .

credit: wisegeek
edited: some of my text are missing D:
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