Friday, July 20, 2012

Foods in Japan

Food replica are exactly as they serve!

Day one
Eating tempura, forgot to snap the pic, because too hungry!

Dunno wtf is this!

Day one
Rice+ scramble egg  with ramen...cost 1000yen (rm44)

Day 2
Sushi set 1100yen.. around RM48
Comes together with miso sup and some toufu jelly

Day 2
nasi with scramble egg shrimp and mee
around 1000yen RM48 

Day 3
105 yen milk bread and dole apple juice 120yen

Day 3
Lunch+ dinner
Raw fish egg+ scramble egg and rice.

Sushi set 330yen. brought it at family mart ( ala2, 7-eleven)

100yen! cheap and delicious! ^^

Kit kat .. forgot the price

Day 4 
finally found a muslim restaurant!
eat rice, roti naan with beef curry!

got halal logo beside the red round dot

Day 4
traditional sushi restaurant!

appetizer, raw fish

raw shrimp and salmon sushi,
Didn't snap all sushi pictures

this ugly sushi taste as bad as it look like!
raw sea urchin. 
one piece of this sushi cost a whopping 500yen !!
total price is about 4000yen.

rice ball :D and some idont know what that drink is

This is the curry in take away form!

Day 5
Again, beef curry, naan and 1 piece of chicken

this thing is to clear your breath D:

Day 6
Tokyo banana as a souvenir
Taste like twiggies + malaysian cekodok pisang

Love the food there! but it is so expensive D:

Monday, July 16, 2012

Ahoy! Long time no see

Got busy again! D:
So some simple updates on my busy life:

1) went to japan for work... will update pics if got the time
2) just finish my second Master class, now entering my 3rd class
3) Got this desperate wanker who wants to get laid keep on harassing me.
4) My Wow Characted is almost fully Catalysmic equip!
5) Left my old Wow guild due to their in activeness, Join a new one! Stupidity is Dispellable
6) finished ganti puasa just in time!
7) gotten myself 2 interns.

As a reward, Here is a videoclip of an astonishing view of a clam "eating" salt. ( Actualy, its a gruesome video of how to kill a clam/ animal abuse D: )

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