Monday, February 27, 2012

Roommates from hell!

Love the fact that im already graduated and working.

Final year in university was a like living hell to me! Im staying in a room with xx amount of  girls and more than a half of them are rotten eggs. In fact, i dont even remember their names. LOL!

These are the typical characteristic that you can find in a demonic roommate.

The Kleptomaniac
Small items that doesnt matter to you start to get missing, eg: pencil, a few sen, paper clips, Foods, pins, panties,brooch.One day you wake up,and realize half of your wardrobe is missing. Even your other roommates and neighbor are not safe with her. She wont stop collecting and nothing can stop her.

ooo! Tea party

The Party Animal
These animal will bring in their herds into the room and partying like there's no tomorrow. Or in harmonious situation, these animal will also organize slumber party, rally party, raid party or any type of party in the room.  All they can say is, Sorry for party rocking.

The Loudspeaker
She'll tell secret in the highest voice available. When she's got a headphone stuck to her head, her voice volume increase twice and sing her heart out with using her tone deaf voice. Most of the time, she'll leave the speaker on so that the whole room can know what is goingon on her laptop

The Gangsta
Doesnt give a damn to anyone. Impolite and rude to everyone. Drugs is her thing. Their overwhelming self-righteous will turn your life into a living hell.

The Gold digger
This breed doesnt need to be pretty or hot. All she need is a handphone or IM and the skills to manipulate a few guys into a friendzone relationship where each of them must come from a different social circle to avoid getting caught. She rarely meetup with them but will drain all their money before ditching them.

The DBKL or User
She will optimize the usage of every appliance, foods, toiletries or pretty much  anything that is available in the room that doesnt belong to her. She even wanted to use your private items too! She has the minimal amount of shame in her. But she is a great place to dispose left over food.

The Freeloader
This is a subgenre for User. From the actual list of occupant, this freeloader isnt on the list at all. It started off as a good intention of allowing her to stay over but in the end, she's a horror cause of her insidiousness.

Can you find a cat in this picture?

The Slovenliness
She might be pretty, classy and up to date with the fashion industry but wait til you see her space. It's like a train wreck or a tsunami aftermath. Since she's all drench with expensive perfume, recycling used clothing is not a problem. In fact, you cant tell apart which clothe are freshly laundered or used cause there's too many items she had. Hoarder alert!

Mampat Edar versi Harry Potter

The Poser
She'll boast about her life, telling you all sort of crap. How rich she is. How good she is with the guitar. Junior will worship her and her fans wont stop flocking into the room to meet the superstar. But the truth is, she's nothing and all the stories are collected from various source, compressed, re-edit and re distributed. She's extreamly well in manipulating any situation.

The Attention Whore
Drama is her thing. As if everything is a drama for her. She has 1 or more trait of a party animal, loudspeaker, scandalist, gold digger, user,
She has a great amount of friends and follower on facebook, twitter and blog. Everything happen around her will be updated faster then the speed of light.

The Queen
At first glance, she look all good and nice. Slowly,she'll take over your life. Her minions will always by her side waiting for her command.  She'll treat you good but once you step her toes, it will be living hell for you! 

Credits: gilderoy , random pic from google

Thursday, February 23, 2012

School Sports.

Heads-up youngster!
Skipping class for sports is a terrible decision.
Don't even think of becoming a Jock.
You are actually a scrap goat of the school.
A sacrifice made to ensure other student excel in their education.
You made your school proud with gold medals.
but in the end of the day,
You are nothing but a faded memory.

There's no point for any student in Malaysia to seriously commit themselves for school Sport.
Athletic scholarships doesn't exist here but are common in the United States for no apparent reason.
Unless you are really talented and worthy enough to represent yourself for Malaysia at SEA, Olympic, FiFA dll than why not. Don't push your luck too much,  athlete over 18 are made up  from less than 0.1% of  fresh school leaver.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ,USA, there are 9,380 professional athletes you have a 0.00565% chance of becoming a professional athlete.
(I cant find Malaysia's statistic. But im pretty sure the amount it is less than 2000. Malaysian total citizen, 30 000 000. Chances of being a professional athlete in Malaysia, 0.00067%)
World class athlete? less then 1% of total amount of professional athlete in the world 
Minimum requirement to be a world class athlete, 20 hours of quality training per week for a period of eight years .
Chances of winning a Olympic medal:  0.00000152%

We are living in a society where education is more important than sports&CoQ.

Does your employer look at your sports resume?
Nope.It will only make your CV look longer, a clever deception to hid your pointer.
They'll scan trough your CV and ask you a bunch of academic related stuff, what you learn, what did you do, what can you apply in the working industry, your martial status and other things.
In the end, they will hire someone with job experience or better pointer& soft skills.
Except if you're applying for fitness trainer, referee, coach or sports teacher.
We've been forced or fail. 

Does the university take your sports qualification into consideration when you apply for a place there?
Yes, BUT! there's no point excelling in sports when your academic result is so fuck up.
You cant even get a decent course with 9B SPM result & wakil Negeri in bola tampar.
Might end up doing some shitty course and end up being an unemployed graduate.
But it's a diffrent story for those with 10A & kawat wakil rumah sukan. You can pursue your dream or even get a scholarship.
In fact,your teacher would even make their own program to ensure every student has a decent CoQ transcript.
Like :Larian 5km, reward: Sijil penyertaan Marathon 5km peringkat SMK ABC.
Less effort but great reward! :O

Doesnt matter. As long as you have the money, you can enroll into any course you want.
Even those from Sastera course can do Medicine at any 3rd grade university overseas.

Tertiary Education (Masters, PhD):
All they care is your academic qualification or job experience.Sports? LOL

They exist but they'll destroy your future.

Think before you commit yourself.
The only thing that you worth is your knowledge.

p/s: Most athlete retire at 28 and die young.

Credits: memebase, wikipedia , strengthplanet,

Monday, February 20, 2012

Netscape Navigator

I checked out my blog pageviews and notice something...
Netscape is alive!

Back when internet was still young, Netscape was everyone favorite web browser.
12 year passed by, I thought it has extincted.
But someone out there is still using it.
Kudos to you for still using it.

This remind me of the ancient civilization of Friendster.

Internet Archaeologists Find Ruins Of 'Friendster' Civilization
R.I.P Friendster civilization 2003-2007 .. and AOL, Hi5, Myspace, Google+

p/s: if video broken... click link to watch the news coverage :D

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Copy Transform Combine

When we copy, we justified.
When others copy we vilified.

Most of us have no problem copying, as long as we are the one doing it.

There was a fuss about SOPA: PIPA back then.
Thank God it was revoke. but sadly ACTA has signed.


 There's something else that is equivalent to both of them but no one is aware about it.
Trans pacific partnership agreement (6:40)
And what Malaysian citizen doesn't know is...
Our Malaysian government is quietly signing up for it!!
Check it out: Ministry of International trade and Industry Malaysia .
Where the actual main focus of this agreement is to save USA ass.
Thanks a lot government Ass licker!

If this Act pass, the government has given the green light for everyone, specifically to rich people, to make more money by suing the poor.
And everything on earth is a remix/ copy paste of everything.

Everything is a Remix Part 4 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Part 3: click here
Part 2: Click here
Part 1 : click here

p/s:  some European country has revoke ACTA! yay! now Im waiting for the government next step on Trans pacific partnership agreement

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Social Media Douchebag

ohh! This is the current cliche in Malaysia's internet committee!!
These douchebag think they are some sort of internet celebrities. Shamelessly making their own"Fan" facebook page and twittering all sort of crap. Yay! ive got 5k facebook friends, 10k fan and 24k twitter followers. Yahoo!

 Social Media Douchebag (a.k.a New Media Douchebag) is a media stereotype and a derogatory label used to describe someone who ostensibly engages in social networking and other fashionable online activities for self-promotion and have been used to convey the same idea including “social media expert” and “social media guru.

 I'm so cool. Im using iphone. You guys should totally use it. Windows are for looser. eh! wait! what?! i dont even know what im talking about.

Yeah, yeah, it's good to know that you're providing all sort of nice makeup tip, game review, blogging tips, but most of you are actually talking crap without giving any real information. Basicly, what you did is the extract the same tactic that a MLM worker do.

 If you’ve done three or more of the following, You are guilty of being a social media douchebag.
  • Think you are an internet celebrity
  • Discuss what you had for breakfast, what to wear, brought a new stuff dll.
  • Update under influence of lyrics, random quotes, love
  • Spammer sdvgbl;rk12$@##^fmvolsd;
  • Will promote another friend who is also a Social Media Douchebag
  • Become a brand promoter. "oh i love Johnson Baby Lotion coz it's better then ky jelly aww"
  • Force other to follow you and you'll follow them back.

Finally, i highly agree with this guy.
That titty youtube prostitute should stop spamming youtube with shitty titty videoclip!!
Especialy to MEGANSPEAK. Someone please help her sign a deal with Brazzer .
F.Y.I you have a pair of very soggy tits!

Credits: Reddit, mardonet , termendousnews , knowyourmeme

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Work Work!

More work?

Oh God!!!!
Too much work!!!!

Wanna go berserk and scream "Work is da Poop!!!"

I wont be around for a couple of weeks.
No time to play games, blogging nor eat or sleep!!
.. the good news

  • i lost 4kg during  this period of strenuousness ! yay!

The bad News,

  • Im going to miss the Love is in the air seasonal event!!! nooooo
  • Havent even touched my borrowed PS3 from Eleena ! nooooo!
  • Still havent paid for the preorder ff13-2 lightning edition PS3! noooo!!
  • loosing alot of hair due to stress.. nooo!!!
  • my room is a mess... Nooo!!!
  • I think im hallucinating .. Nooo!!!!!

Too much work to be handle! D:

To make thing worse, Im starting my Master tomorrow . D:

Will be back on 25/2/2012. hopefully..

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My ultimate WoW quiting gesture: Figure Print

I love my Human Priest,Yunaku. Ive been playing this class for more then 3years now & I dont see any strong reason for me to quit this game yet.

I hate Blizzard for neglecting Priest role in game, they deserve a full makeover! Unlike other 2nd class hybrid healer class like holy paladin, Druid tree and restoration shaman, Priest are meant to be THE BEST HEALER CLASS in all area including battleground and Arena. Not limited to Raids and dungeons! Hope they will make a total makeover for Priest in the Mist of Pandaria expension. D:

But if I do quit wow, I will forever immortalized my sweet2 Yunaku in a jar ontop of my pc.

Behold! Yunaku Action figure Prototype!:

Seriously, this is real!

Figure Print, the only authorized wow dealer that can make your own one-of-a kind action figure based on your character in game armory!!
You can choose over 20 poses from battle roar to /sit.

The cost for the whole statue it cost USD$129.95 (RM415.84) which I can consider as cheap! Costume made bro! Even the mass production action figure cost more than that.
For the Bust statue, it cost USD $69.95(RM 223.84).

Credits to eliskaya & hisblog .Seems like he quit wow after getting this action figure :(

I am going to get one after I quit wowing!~ :D
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