Wednesday, May 19, 2010

what comes into mind?
-public transportation
-rapid kl
-a place 4 sexual harassment
-n all those common definitions.. ask mr wikipedia urself

imagine ur sitting on d bench minding your own business ~...
time flies by~~.
the lrt becomes fuller and fuller~~
a guy entered and stood closely infront of u..~~ * i shall call him doggy*
d lrt gets more crowded with human beings~..
a chick entered and purposely bumps her tits on mr doggy~
an erection can be seen at mr doggy's tight pants~..
the lrt moves back and forth~..
thanks to inertia...same goes to mr doggy in front~...
n your sitting right in front of IT. having to witness the DISTURBING scene over and over again..moving back n forth and back n forth with that THING pointing at your face~

the grandma was deeply gratefulllll!

conclusion: lrt is a place for old people to get high from free live porn!LRT

Saturday, May 15, 2010

i had a haircut!!!

yes.. its true..i had a haircut..and its sooo painful!!!!if you had it before,
let me tell you that its not your ordinary average haircut..
to avoid from getting this terrible haircut, please be aware of this:-
[+] do not press both off your fingertips together by your hair and dragging it downwards if you have a...
  • strong,
  • thick,
  • long,
  • hair with split-ends at the end of your hair..
or you will get this..

this is way different from a paper cut which looks like this..

P/S: my hair is healthier now.. and free from split ends! yeay me!!

protect your finger from haircut!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

kaki gedik~

kaki gedik is a world wide thing going around here now..
everyone around the globe have experienced it before.. or maybe just once in their living life..
kaki gedik is very popular..and now its as popular as the pedo bear!
well im just hyperbola~ hahahaha..

back to the story...

kaki gedik is often experience by virgin-high-heels-user..
virgin by mean its the first time she's using highheels.. (awwwwwwwwwwwww my baby is all grown up~)

what do i meant by kaki gedik?
ok.. prepare youself..for..


this is how it looks like when a person is having kaki gedik..
more people having kaki gedik!!!


at first i didnt know about the existence of formspring(yes...i dont know where was i hiding all these years.. lol!)
but then, i realize that most of my friends have formspring... whoaa!

soo... i decide... to have a formspring myself! yeay!!! *clap clap clap*

feel free to ask anything~ lolx
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