Sunday, April 25, 2010


checkout my new wallpaper =D
nicely done...hehehe..

for those who wanted the plain wallpaper, u can get it from "here" .
fits all size :D

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beware of hobby girlfriend/boyfriend

this is some random korean couple pic

I bet everyone had seen or been with hobby girlfriend/boyfriend. You'll never know you are with one until you eventually engage with them into a relationship. For hobby couples, you'll often see a same couple usually look cute and loving when they take a stroll, holding hands, calling each other sweet cute name and seeing them immerse intimately into their own loving world at the same place doing almost the same thing.

eg: In my University, it's very common to see these eyesore hobby couples eating together, walking to class together, study together and repeating it 24/7. These serious social problem couple rarely seen being alone or befriended with other people.

And the best part is, USUALY those couple will finally transform itself into ugly freaking faggot and become an eyesore toward the whole committee, hugging and kissing allover the place and of coz sex is on the list. HaiL homemade 3GP pornos!

These hobby girlfriend/boyfriend has major issue with their life.The hobby boyfriend/girlfriend is a sign of an immature person, it might be cute in the beginning, but it will smother you. They might assume what they did was for the sake of Love, but actually they are doing it coz YOU are their hobby.

Signs that you partner is a hobby girlfriend/boyfriend.

Their lives end up revolving around yours and they forsake or backstab all their currents friends and never try to make new ones.Then they get pissed off when you do things with the your friends that they can't or don't want to be included in. (Like video games) They are either with you 24/7 or all they sit at home by themselves because they have no social life of their own or at least outside of yours, or they just cheat on you because they need the attention that you aren't giving them. And some of them will go to an extend where they'll try to hurt themselves or ugut to commit suicide if you leave them.

duh! Who the hell wants a life spending each moment of his life layan these people? They are crazy and the best choice is getting out of the relationship. Unless both partner are eventually treating each other as a hobby than it's ok.One day, one of you will eventually crack and realize the ugliness of the world you once been. May you fuck up Your life to each other till death.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

F**k this mooo mall~

this evening, my sister and i went to this "mall"..
im being very very kind, so i wont say its name *wink*...
lets just call it moo mall.. *wink*

basically.. i love to shop there...its near,convenient, and cheap!..
however, the workers SUCK!

as well as some of those people who shop there... no offense..

as i was saying, we went there just now..
came up to the borong place to buy 1 box... YES ONE BOX of mineral water.. (cox they dont sell it in a lump sum downstairs.)

there are a lot of workers there, but they only open 3 counters..
then, theres some inconsiderate customers, who acted like a bunch of F**King A****le
all of them are pushing 2-3 trolleys to pay up..
they can just let us pay first.. cox we only have 1 item.. but they just ignore and start uploading their stuff.. we came to the counter at the same time! damn it!

and the stupid guy at the counter is damn slow... he can just multiply the same items and scan it once.. but, he chooses to scan ALL the same items one by one... what tha hell!!

then when its our turn to pay, i present my moo card..
which i just renewed it a month ago... which also made me pay a F**king RM12..
but then, the A'hole said that my moo card had expired already...
WTF!!! it even states clearly on the card that its going to expire on July!


then we came down stairs to buy some bed sheets..
i wanted to take the sheets on the shelf..
buts its damn high.. cant reach it..
the S***** workers saw me struggling to take the sheets.. but they just ignore and talk blah blah blah...
then i asked for their help..
turns out he cant reach it too.... pity the fool..

its a good thing that i cool down fast...
so i continue shopping with a good mood...(after blowing up in anger at the worker..hahaha)

this is the moo mall.... *wink*

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Canceling celcom FB mobile freaking subscription

Finally! i manage to cancel celcom Facebook subscription after they had suck up more then rm20 worth of credits from me. =_=
RM1 per week is such a pain in the aasssss.grrr

To cancel celcom FB subscription, just msg

STOP FB to 32665

picture credits:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

random Gayness picture

i cant resist uploading this picture!
the description below it is so irresistible! hahaha
laki jambu pon aku sapu gak kadang2..

p/s: who the heck is this guy anyway? awal ashaari? @@"

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oldie but goodie

Boys are going gaga over soccer nowadays.
Booooo MU for losing twice in a row.. ahhaha

neway, this is an old VC and i hate to admit that he did a perfect job...:D /no1

Saturday, April 3, 2010

mengail udang di UsJ1

Fish ponds are normal.. but how about shrimp pond????
This pond is located at USJ1 and that adds up the total weirdness of USJ1

We've never gone fishing before, so~ we just gamble on shrimp catching..:D

Ana .. trying to hookup some fish with her H/p.

Yoyo, bakal pengail udang berjaya!woOt2!

the cute innocent shrimp

the other unlucky shrimpdinner is served~
but... i dont have the guts to eat them.. ewww

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