Thursday, April 30, 2009

A long day in metro driving academy

Damn it!~

i went for my driving test today..
gosh! it was sooooo damn long waiting for my turn as im number 92.
the traffic outside is also crawling like a snail..
after i finished my part 2 test, (which i passed) i have 2 wait for 3 hours before my next turn to sit for the part 3 exam.
OMG! the long hours are killing me..

but it all paid off cox i passed everything with flying colours!
wohoooo yea me!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

hotty airie baboon!

recently we went to go for a ride on the hot air balloon..
but unfortunately the wind blows so harshly that we cant ride it..
however we still got the super stupid slow process of trying to blow it up.
haha enjoy!

  • its taking forever!!!!
  • baby got bored of waiting
  • slow process of going up

finally baby gave up and start doing something else..

found something interesting to do that kept her laughing for hours..

RESULTS! (baby's stone trowing game.. lolx)

o ya!! and this is the guy that handles the air balloon..
(i know.. saye memang x de keje!)
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