Friday, February 20, 2009

actors that makes me go... waaaaaaahhhhh!!!

gerard butler
this guy is hawt3!!~)

hugh jackman

george clooney
(OMG! he took my breath away!)
gorgie porgie n brat pit

-drooling all over the place by just looking at them!
there's soo much more than this! but my time is limited..
huhuhuhu ohh my gorgie n gerry!~ love them the most! muahahahhahahaha

Saturday, February 14, 2009

what did i do on 14/2/09

yes yuna.. you can say it over n over again..
im a loooser..

-the only one who didnt get any presents or even a rose from anyone..
-staying alone at home when my friends are out with their partners..
-eating vanilla ice cream alone while watching a valentines marathon..
-drying my tears watching ps: i love you..
-listening to a guy bla.. bla.. bla bout his girlfriend lolx...

what da heck!~
i did finished my homework!
hahaa..ha..ha... yes.... looser..
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