Monday, September 20, 2010

Callers? Manners?

It's Antoine Donson!! *Pic unrelated to post*

Have you ever receive a call/sms from Anonymous??
Do you ever try to call them back or atleast sms them asking who are they?
or you just ignore them?
Who knows what lurk behind those unknown number..
Might be a long lost friend, an unsaved colleague phone number or maybe some sex maniac desperately finding a sex partner.durhhhh..

I remember back then during 2004, where celcom has this promotion, SMS free to all Celcom number after 12am to 6am.. and man! it was like heaven for all Celcom user.
The best time to enlarge your circle of friend and also to waste time.
id used to ask other people if they have any lonely friends wanted a partner to chat with.
then all of the sudden the anon number that keeps on msging me in asking me "Hi".
It was fun msging with them at first. but after awhile, when the reality strike me..
it was badd... really2 badd.. Ive realized i had wasted more then rm300 credits per month just for nothing and more anon started to constantly and continuously harass my poor Nokia phone inbox.It get worser when sex chat start to spam in and so as the call..
Most people would just delete the old phone number and buy a new one.
but i didn't
instead i braced myself and hurdle tru all the Anon call & attack for the next few month.
i guess it's a preety bad lesson for me.


just now i received a call from 01*-7173134. who the hell she is? i dont freaking know who or care the hell she is.
She called me and the 1st thing she ask is..... "SAPE NI?" "SAPE ni?"
WTF? wTF???????? WTF???
did your mommma even teach you proper manner?
Im the call receiver now and ur the Anon caller.
You should introduce urself first before jumping in and bombard me with questions.
Its like invading a house, acting as if it yours and questioning the owner WTH are they doing in that house.
So i trolled her (TL;DR).wahahahha!

And things get better when HEr Boyfriend (maybe) called me questioning as if im some sort of a criminal.
and this time i was quite pissed off ok.
I didnt harass your GF okk. It's her who is claiming that i misscall her then started to pounce on me as if ive poke her virginity or something.

haha.. ah lets just cut the crap for now.
im here not to babble on wonderfull wonder of befriending with anon.
anyone can be an Anon. even youu! yes youuu the one reading this post are also an Anon
the moral of the story here..
if you are the caller... introduce yourself 1st then ask the phone number who they are.

p/s: checkout Bed intruder song . *warning: highly addictive*

Monday, June 28, 2010

Heartbreaking Love stories from LowYatt forum

After spending more then 5hour browsing tru Lowyat's Cupid corner
ive stumble acrose some nice TLTR stories to be read to ease your boredom.

posted by TheWinner
The tittle speaks it all. this Troll-looking-story is about the author, who meet his gf on a flight otw to London. After years of study bla bla bla... return back to M'sia for work. He's too busy working & studying but still, she patiently waited for him over the years.until one day...
p/s: i felt super sympathy with the girl in the story.

by liez
GTFO Pisau cukur! This story is about the poor author who wants to tackle this girl but ended up with his pocket dried up..quite funny story.. but sososos true!!
p/s: uve been Scammed!

i feel u man.. This guy has devoted his life for what he seem as the love of his life. Her looks is below average & her body is also average doesnt stop him from loving her. They dream on living their life as husband and wife, but all those dream were only a dream as pig friends and lies meshed up their life.....
p/s: i hope it wasn't his Ro addiction that cost his relationship @@

About a guy who thought he had found true love via IRC. She was perfect in every ways. After years together he finally realize that, there is always another guy in her heart..
p/s: @@ Their life is too social for me with all those clubbing and drinking.. erk..

last but not least~ nice picture utk direnung2kan .. =D

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Are You An ASS??!

lets take this little quick test over here...
if you answer "yes" to most of these points down here,
means u must have the ASS problem..

lets begin..Do you constantly update your status or tweets?
for example, at
1.00pm :ohhh i feel very hungry.. :'(
1.15pm :yeay going to eat soon!! :)
1.18pm :bye everybody im off to the mamak stall! ^_^V
1.30pm :burrppp~ sooo goood....
1.40pm :ohh s*it! i wanna Sh*t!!

or something like what she did::
(dude whats up with that?)

  • Do you purposely do anything that will catch a persons attention?
for example,
-in a quiet train, suddenly "girl A" came and gossips loudly with "girl B" just so the cute boy at the corner will look at them.. likewise~

  • Do you pretend to be grievously sick?
for example,
-you have to love me.. cox im going to die because of a stupid tumour in my head.. fufufufufuuu

  • Do you pretend to be weak?
for example,
-you are walking in this "moo mall", suddenly u spotted a cute guy up you walked by him, OPPSSS~ you experience a "Kaki gedik" and fell down add on to the dramatic effect, you reach for your legs and scream in a gedik tone saying "ahhh my leg... it hurtss.. i cant feel my legs"(hoping that the cute guy carries you)..


-you wanted to impress this girl and show off your car, you make up and transform your car into a LANCER! but the truth is, that car is just a 3rd hand old Wira.. pfftt~

sooo... if you do answer yes to most of the questions above, it means that you are having an:

A.S.S.(attention seeker syndrome)

Brain Reaction

People are weird.
No one has the same brain.
but we can group them base on their education background.
Educated and uneducated mentality.
and these 2 are immiscible together.
However there's a common ground between these two minds.
They wont react well unless the user can think out of the box.
~~Think beyonddddd~~~
But usualy..yes USUALY..not everybody,but mostly, uneducated people just wont understand the rational of anything and hard to accept the truth.
All that they know is, if the subject favors their intrest, they'll accept all the fact without a doubt.
If the subject is against their likeness, they'll erupt and go Nuts like a pain in the ass.
heh.. same goes to all educated people who doesnt use their brain too!

k.for example...
common reaction= 1st thing across their minds and reaction
uncommon reaction= the brain user uses his brain beyond the average

The boy who got shot by the police.
Common reaction: WTF la these police.. suke2 tembak org ..bodoh bangang *maki2*...
then join in FB group justice for (i dont even know that boy's name)
& update blog with anger & hatred toward the police.

Uncommon reaction: WTH with that underage boy sneaking out at night.
driving ur parents car and running away from the cops makes
you are a suspect criminal.
if u are accidently killed, u have no right 2 fight for your right .gg

Meeting on pembahagian Tanah pusaka
[ohh, this happen when i was young and i feel like i wanna ROFLMAO everytime i meet them.coz i was a kid back then but i truly understand the critical of the situation]

Common reaction: what should we do with XXX daughter who is going to get married.
=_="[xde kaitan langsung with pembahagian tanah]

Uncommon reaction:WTF those PPL talking about?? THE Land is worth over 5m and they brag about their niece marriage??
why dont they just divide the land. U can sell of your part and sponsor that girl wedding at a 5 star hotel and still have a bunch of moarrr money to sponsor their honeymoon.
and that land almost fall in the hand of other people!!

The insanely expensive oil price in 2008

Common reaction: WTF government!!? this is insane! This is madness!?!

followed by a constant mocking about this matter via Blog/forum/kedai kopi chit chat for months~

Uncommon reaction:

.. let me Google the source of this craziness....

OMAIGOD!? the increment is actually a worldwide problem?!

and the price has been conspiracies by Most of the top oil producer/supplier in the world!!?!t

he price of the oil is actually RM8 per Litter but the government has protected us by paying off RM4. o.O..oh thx gov

ANd.... OMG??? we only have a supply of oil for the next 20 years but still we are selling this almost extinct

resources for a cheap price of RM1.80??!

Bzzzzzzzzzzzztttttttt sound of world cup

Common reaction: FFFFFFUUUUUU stop this insanely buzzzzing!! i cant hear the cheer of the crowd at alll!! argghhh

Uncommon reaction: it's part of south african culture...but stilll FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU that sound!

pic credit:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Kedai Jamu

JAMU STALL~ the Malaysian version of Body shop!

Perfume! Lotion! Whitening cream! And even sex enhancing items are available here!!

HAIL jamu stall~ HAIL!!

Because of you, Malaysian now can have the access to the express road of almost instant beauty~

To be a 1nation beauty, strive shall we!!

Magical cream and pills are consume like candies.

and in no time you'll be a beauty wonder~ or freaking "strongg"

You’ll be fabulously white as you wear those HYDROQUINONE cream

and TRETINOIN will rapidly cure your acne

Beside the glamorous beauty you shall achieve~

You fail to notice that there’s a price to pay for every CHEAP item you buy from there~

May u live your shortest glamorous beauty moment & live your entire life on with a detroit fugly body..

some advice for you:

Use these with your own risk.(got the info off from ondscene blog)

1- Natasya Krim Herba Gold - dikesan mengandungi hydroquinone 7-75 % w/w dan tretinoin.

2- Natasya Krim Herba -dikesan mengandungi hydroquinone 4-83 % w/w dan tretinoin.

3-De'Putih. Begitu kemelayuan bunyinya but actualy... brg dari filipina

For futher reading~ do read:

pic credit to: sleepis my ritual

Neway~ if your kidneys and livers shutdown because of these jamu2, I will gladly RoLLinG on The FLoOR LaugHing mY Ass Out! Roflmao!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

what comes into mind?
-public transportation
-rapid kl
-a place 4 sexual harassment
-n all those common definitions.. ask mr wikipedia urself

imagine ur sitting on d bench minding your own business ~...
time flies by~~.
the lrt becomes fuller and fuller~~
a guy entered and stood closely infront of u..~~ * i shall call him doggy*
d lrt gets more crowded with human beings~..
a chick entered and purposely bumps her tits on mr doggy~
an erection can be seen at mr doggy's tight pants~..
the lrt moves back and forth~..
thanks to inertia...same goes to mr doggy in front~...
n your sitting right in front of IT. having to witness the DISTURBING scene over and over again..moving back n forth and back n forth with that THING pointing at your face~

the grandma was deeply gratefulllll!

conclusion: lrt is a place for old people to get high from free live porn!LRT

Saturday, May 15, 2010

i had a haircut!!!

yes.. its true..i had a haircut..and its sooo painful!!!!if you had it before,
let me tell you that its not your ordinary average haircut..
to avoid from getting this terrible haircut, please be aware of this:-
[+] do not press both off your fingertips together by your hair and dragging it downwards if you have a...
  • strong,
  • thick,
  • long,
  • hair with split-ends at the end of your hair..
or you will get this..

this is way different from a paper cut which looks like this..

P/S: my hair is healthier now.. and free from split ends! yeay me!!

protect your finger from haircut!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

kaki gedik~

kaki gedik is a world wide thing going around here now..
everyone around the globe have experienced it before.. or maybe just once in their living life..
kaki gedik is very popular..and now its as popular as the pedo bear!
well im just hyperbola~ hahahaha..

back to the story...

kaki gedik is often experience by virgin-high-heels-user..
virgin by mean its the first time she's using highheels.. (awwwwwwwwwwwww my baby is all grown up~)

what do i meant by kaki gedik?
ok.. prepare youself..for..


this is how it looks like when a person is having kaki gedik..
more people having kaki gedik!!!


at first i didnt know about the existence of formspring(yes...i dont know where was i hiding all these years.. lol!)
but then, i realize that most of my friends have formspring... whoaa!

soo... i decide... to have a formspring myself! yeay!!! *clap clap clap*

feel free to ask anything~ lolx

Sunday, April 25, 2010


checkout my new wallpaper =D
nicely done...hehehe..

for those who wanted the plain wallpaper, u can get it from "here" .
fits all size :D

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beware of hobby girlfriend/boyfriend

this is some random korean couple pic

I bet everyone had seen or been with hobby girlfriend/boyfriend. You'll never know you are with one until you eventually engage with them into a relationship. For hobby couples, you'll often see a same couple usually look cute and loving when they take a stroll, holding hands, calling each other sweet cute name and seeing them immerse intimately into their own loving world at the same place doing almost the same thing.

eg: In my University, it's very common to see these eyesore hobby couples eating together, walking to class together, study together and repeating it 24/7. These serious social problem couple rarely seen being alone or befriended with other people.

And the best part is, USUALY those couple will finally transform itself into ugly freaking faggot and become an eyesore toward the whole committee, hugging and kissing allover the place and of coz sex is on the list. HaiL homemade 3GP pornos!

These hobby girlfriend/boyfriend has major issue with their life.The hobby boyfriend/girlfriend is a sign of an immature person, it might be cute in the beginning, but it will smother you. They might assume what they did was for the sake of Love, but actually they are doing it coz YOU are their hobby.

Signs that you partner is a hobby girlfriend/boyfriend.

Their lives end up revolving around yours and they forsake or backstab all their currents friends and never try to make new ones.Then they get pissed off when you do things with the your friends that they can't or don't want to be included in. (Like video games) They are either with you 24/7 or all they sit at home by themselves because they have no social life of their own or at least outside of yours, or they just cheat on you because they need the attention that you aren't giving them. And some of them will go to an extend where they'll try to hurt themselves or ugut to commit suicide if you leave them.

duh! Who the hell wants a life spending each moment of his life layan these people? They are crazy and the best choice is getting out of the relationship. Unless both partner are eventually treating each other as a hobby than it's ok.One day, one of you will eventually crack and realize the ugliness of the world you once been. May you fuck up Your life to each other till death.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

F**k this mooo mall~

this evening, my sister and i went to this "mall"..
im being very very kind, so i wont say its name *wink*...
lets just call it moo mall.. *wink*

basically.. i love to shop there...its near,convenient, and cheap!..
however, the workers SUCK!

as well as some of those people who shop there... no offense..

as i was saying, we went there just now..
came up to the borong place to buy 1 box... YES ONE BOX of mineral water.. (cox they dont sell it in a lump sum downstairs.)

there are a lot of workers there, but they only open 3 counters..
then, theres some inconsiderate customers, who acted like a bunch of F**King A****le
all of them are pushing 2-3 trolleys to pay up..
they can just let us pay first.. cox we only have 1 item.. but they just ignore and start uploading their stuff.. we came to the counter at the same time! damn it!

and the stupid guy at the counter is damn slow... he can just multiply the same items and scan it once.. but, he chooses to scan ALL the same items one by one... what tha hell!!

then when its our turn to pay, i present my moo card..
which i just renewed it a month ago... which also made me pay a F**king RM12..
but then, the A'hole said that my moo card had expired already...
WTF!!! it even states clearly on the card that its going to expire on July!


then we came down stairs to buy some bed sheets..
i wanted to take the sheets on the shelf..
buts its damn high.. cant reach it..
the S***** workers saw me struggling to take the sheets.. but they just ignore and talk blah blah blah...
then i asked for their help..
turns out he cant reach it too.... pity the fool..

its a good thing that i cool down fast...
so i continue shopping with a good mood...(after blowing up in anger at the worker..hahaha)

this is the moo mall.... *wink*

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Canceling celcom FB mobile freaking subscription

Finally! i manage to cancel celcom Facebook subscription after they had suck up more then rm20 worth of credits from me. =_=
RM1 per week is such a pain in the aasssss.grrr

To cancel celcom FB subscription, just msg

STOP FB to 32665

picture credits:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

random Gayness picture

i cant resist uploading this picture!
the description below it is so irresistible! hahaha
laki jambu pon aku sapu gak kadang2..

p/s: who the heck is this guy anyway? awal ashaari? @@"

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oldie but goodie

Boys are going gaga over soccer nowadays.
Booooo MU for losing twice in a row.. ahhaha

neway, this is an old VC and i hate to admit that he did a perfect job...:D /no1

Saturday, April 3, 2010

mengail udang di UsJ1

Fish ponds are normal.. but how about shrimp pond????
This pond is located at USJ1 and that adds up the total weirdness of USJ1

We've never gone fishing before, so~ we just gamble on shrimp catching..:D

Ana .. trying to hookup some fish with her H/p.

Yoyo, bakal pengail udang berjaya!woOt2!

the cute innocent shrimp

the other unlucky shrimpdinner is served~
but... i dont have the guts to eat them.. ewww

Thursday, March 25, 2010

hotel house phone??

What is the first thing that came into your mind if you saw this picture:
house phone? a room made especially for phones,full with phones, bla bla bla....

but it turns out just to be like this only.... =.="

a phone on the the corridor...swtnesss.....

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Graph speaks a thousand words...

credits: Graph jam

Monday, March 15, 2010

Religious review?

I took this picture off from obefiend's blog ..
and hell yeah! i do agree with that quote.
Some fanatic fagots are such a pain in the ass and they should reconsider themselves before doing something stupid, especial if they are doing it in the name of God.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


happy birthday from all of us!
baby~ ani~ yuna~ ani
we love u so much dear!~~

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Beside placebo..
I kinda like paramore especially because of their deep lyrics meaning..
Take a look at a portion of "I Caught Myself" lyric

"Now when I caught myself
I had to stop myself
From saying something that
I should have never thought

Of you, of you
You're pushing and pulling me
Down to you
But I don't know what I want
No, I don't know what I want

You got it, You got it
Some kind of magic
Hypnotic, Hypnotic
You're leaving me breathless
I hate this, I hate this
You're not the one I believe in
When God is my witness

Of you, I knew
I know in my heart it's not you
I knew
But now I know what I want
I want
I want
Oh no, I should have never thought "

See how deep the lyric goes..
Very direct and meaningful.
how they jumble up the words are truly splendid.

somehow.. this song lyric reminds me of someone...=/

Thursday, February 18, 2010


xde keje xde gaji!!!!!

nothing much in this new blog.. but do give support to this blog

Monday, February 15, 2010

oh no.....

oh no.... because of castle age... ive stupidly added 300++ people into my facebook friendlist.

T_T! the list keepon going and going!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Monday, February 8, 2010
..who..are...willing... ...

even if i had failed them... over and over again....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ohhhh i wanna watch youuuuuu!!!! no more...

movie trailer is like a sneak peek into a movie before you actually watch it.. duhhhhh~
however, Ive been disappointed by movie trailer soooooo many times...

every time i watch a trailer(which i think is worth the time watching and interesting at the same time), i would be soooooooooooooooooooo excited!! yeay!but i miss judge those unknown,unpopular,boring,sucky movies... damn it!!
which wasted my time,money and space in the comp. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

fuck movies like the boat that rocked!
or 500 days of summer...

or even the time travelers wife..
fuck the movie!!.... no offense..but its just too dull...boring...and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


What if u texted someone... For example.

U texted....."jom kuar tgk wayang!!, aku pickup ko kul 10 mlm nanti."
Then someone s/he reply... "k"


U texted... " i love u and i missed u soo much..=("
And s/he replied... "k"

"K" is the most evil, sinister, cruel text answer to reply to someone.
How pissed off would u be after texting him/she and waited hour&hour for him/she to reply but in the end all u get is a "K"???!.

YES! I mean.. It's a freakkkking "K". A stand alone "K" . "K" itself without any other words or symbols attached to it. a "K"!!!
But if u add "K" with a or multiple fullstop ("K...") , or add "O" ("OK") it would sound much-much nicer to read then just a "K"

Neway....saying "K" is basically saying "fuck you, don't talk to me", but in a slightly polite way.

credits: "k." is the most brutal text answer.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Castle age

a couple of days ago, i come up with an idea of making a private raid consisting only people i know. and it turns out to be fun!~ =D
at least you got some friends to spam up the chatting box and the attack log instead of a bunch of ALiens DPSing the boss and acting as no one around him ever exist.

most of my friends are newbies, and this chick is pissing their ass out. haha =P

this is my alt castle age character's stat.
he's a pure mvp 24/7 MVP-ing, no duel,no battle,no quest.
ive got future plans for him though.
he'll be helping my friend,Remy, for summoning yellow dragon.=)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My ALt wow char inventory..=D

hello! this is yunaku~ :D.. ppl usualy keep on questioning why i seem to have an endless stock of potion and food despite how many time my items soldout in the Auction House...
well... take a glimpse into one of my 5 alt char..=P

heeeeeeehheeeeeeeeee! nice ryte? i bet even the GM's GV isn't as yummy as my char's inventory.. haha.. :P

Monday, January 25, 2010

bile da kuat? lupe plak...

Fuck laaaaa....
i miss playing ragnarok!!!
since ive started working, there is not enough time and malas to go online..
plus,my character has become super rich and strong~
fuck it!

my cute evolved Lullaby~

Stupid white herb trying to kill me.
miss je? hahaha

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Words anyone?

i realized that my favorite word to say,changes as new things come into my life.

before this, every single sentences I've said must have the word TAIK in it.
for example:- Blah laaa taik!
- Taik gile ko ni.
- ko ni taik betol la..

then, the word taik seemed to be outdated and a new word came into my everyday sentences!~
Which is GAY~
this word will be referred to everyone and everything.
GAY is like the new POYO.
for example:- (Persons name) gay~ even though he/she is not gay..simply saying..
- gay gile ko ni.(same sentences as above,but the taik is changed into gay)

when i started working, the word Gay disappears.. (cox the word gay is very sensitive).
So.... Mr.Old friend,FUCKER came into my world..
so now, every single sentences i could finish must have the word fucker in it! hahahaha

Saturday, January 23, 2010

PLacebo Live in Jakarta?!

WHY!!!!!!~~~~~~~~ whyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!??? why aren't u coming to MaLaysia??!
T_T! Brian,,, u totally break my heart. =(

LosT and found? ?

haha.. i stumble across this stupid announcement from my university's unofficial announcement.
this entry is really retarded, may god bless u on ur mission of finding that pendrive. hahaha
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