Friday, December 2, 2011

SCAMMER 03 58855100

Hari jumaat pon nak wat dosa gak ke, kak?

Just now, an unknown number called me, a female malay caller, claiming that she's from Maybank.
She said i was among the lucky one and offered me Program Penghargaan, some sort of Insurance that will cover you if:

  • Lumpuh: get RM 700K in lump sum
  • Hospitalized get RM280 per day
  • My future children will also cover by this plan (WOW! gile babis)
  • Kene minyak masak pon cover
  • Dan lain-lain,  i forgot coz she's talking super freaking fast
All i need to do is agree to pay monthly cost of RM37.80. I asked her, Ive already got insurance so what benefit will i get. She said, since this is a Penghargaan program, I can claim from both insurance company and Maybank .She also kept mentioning  "like photostat" WTF is that?

I was bored with work, so i kept on with the conversation as I did some research on the net.+_+

I ask her for website link so that i could study about it first. At this moment, I can sense her confident level suddenly decrease. She said, this is a recorded conversation, so there's nothing to be afraid of. Wow, Ive never knew recorded conversation can be so secure.

She kept persuading me, claiming its a chance of a lifetime and she wont call me back if she hang up so i  negotiate her that i would love to take the plan, but im broke and RM37.80 is too much. So she offered me another plan which cost RM28.00. A cheap price for people broke like me. LOL

After approximately 15minute layan her gibberish, i got bored and said: 
"Sy tak minat pon" and hung up.
now i regret for not saying " Fuck you scammer" :(

Links that saved me:  
Awas nombor +603-58855100 << information sharing
Insurans Maybank << mangsa keadaan  & cara nak selesaikan
Who call me << ramai gile stalk
Scam tipah tertipu << mangsa scam

Conclusion:  NO PROOF,GTFO!!


Raimi Nuruddin said...

Me: Cool story bro.
hangs up.

Fendi said...

Memang ade scammer mcm ni..hati2 la..jgn dedahkan maklumat yg x sepatut

Y u N a K u 3 said...

@raimi cool story sis* haha

@fendi.. tp yg bestnye.. org tu tau umur & name penuh kita. @@" ntah mane die cari

Ms P said...

Just got called by this nuber, got to hear her stories even I said that I'm in a rush to meeting... Then i said, can i call u back to confirm whether i am in or not. then she said "this is your once in a lifetime opportunity, if she hang up the phone, there's no second chance (but I already got 3 calls from this number previously).. WTF Scammer!

Y u N a K u 3 said...

Lucky you!. They always force you into thinking that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Mana proof ckp dorg scam. Sy da col maybank hotline 1300886688 dorg ckp number 2 valid. Better u col hotline. Btw i da report blog u kt dorg..better u check with maybank n remove dia entry

YuNaKu3 said...

This is a blog post.
What ever uploaded to the internet will remain on the internet.
If i removed this post, there are dozen more post related to this 0358855100.
U cant shutup the internet.

YuNaKu3 said...

Worst case scenario, i can rename this blog entery to "aggressive Maybank sales number that should be avoid" which i dont see i would do in foreseeable future.

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