Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SCAMMER 0358855100 that never quits

Last year, ive posted a blogpost regarding to this number 0358855100.

I thought they would never gonna contact me again  ever since I turn down their offer but NO!
on 29/8, they call me again offering the same shitty thing.

"Congrats! you're a selected maybank user who is eligible of insurans cover upto $700000"

WTF are you calling me at 7.10pm?!
Ive always got legit-bank-representative-cheque-clearance call during working hours on working days.
NOT at night!

I was busy driving my sis back home at the moment, so i ask him (this time is a HE) to call me back tomorrow but he never called back :(

These scammer got their script from maybank website. Exaggerating crap and stuff from the website.


Puteri said...

Who said 0358855100 is a scammer number? Pls do call maybank 1st to verify..its maybank off number.

YuNaKu3 said...

okok, how bout "Aggressive Maybank Sales rep"

Anonymous said...

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