Monday, January 21, 2013

Morbid Reality: Siblings

No matter how much we hate our siblings, how much we complain about the ones we truly love, we still love them and would die to protect them.
It's a love hate relationship, but deep down we are bounded by blood.
We might not like each other, but we always love them.
The feeling is much far deeper & mutual than a love between two lover.
Despite how awful we do to each other, there will always be a small space deep in our heart for them.
Willing to forgive them and accept them back.
They will always be there by our side to help us up when we are down.
In a verge of danger, I wouldnt even mind to place myself in danger for the sake of my sisters.

I saw this post on reddit:

 This is a great example of an unconditional love. A classic sibling interaction. She vent out her typical rebellious teenager emotion wanting to go out but instead stuck at home babysitting his little bother.
What really hit me the most is the morbidity of her #HelpMe. Turns out to be her last tweet as a reminder, a  sign of how deep it could mean.

Ricardo Baez, Colon's boyfriend's father, said Friday that Colon was baby-sitting her younger brother and hid him from the

With an instance, she turns into a hero. She died protecting her brother. RIP Alishia.

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